The Traction Knee Brace Is A New Way To Treat Arthritis Of The Knee Using A Tractioning System

For knee pain due to osteoarthritis, this is a traction leveraging system providing a unique approach to bracing that decreases pressure on the knee joint, providing pain relief and better motion than standard knee braces. < read more >

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Brace Sizing Guide

Have someone assist you. It is always preferable to have a doctor or therapist size and fit the knee brace.

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Traction Knee Brace Details

decompression knee braceThis is the Insurance/Medicare/PDAC approved (K0902) OA Kneetrac and it is a great solution for those suffering pain and difficulty walking from moderate or severe levels of osteoarthritis requiring loading reduction to the lateral and medial sides of the knee. The hinge is in a triangular shape which uniquely provides traction decompression to both knee joint compartments.

  • Accepted by many private insurance companies and Medicare

  • Decompresses the knee joint using traction

  • Stabilizes and reduces knee joint pressure

  • Drug free pain relief for osteoarthritis

The back straps connect to the top of the calf and the bottom of the thigh. When the knee extends the hinge leveraging system exerts a gentle pulling in opposing directions. This provides traction, unloading and decompressing the knee joint. The reduced pressure stabilizes and supports the knee, easing pain and assisting with active rehabilitation.

The brace uses a locking system that can be customized to your specific needs and requirements. It is comfortable and ergonomically designed, made of duralumin allow that is lightweight and highly durable. Should restriction of motion be necessary due to surgery or rehab requirements, the traction knee brace locking system can be fixed using the locking system. This allows specific control of knee joint range of motion.

How To Use The Traction Knee Brace

The brace is easy to use and user friendly. Once you are used to it, it can be put on and taken off quickly.

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Knee Brace Results


Knee arthritis reduces the crtilage that cushions the thigh and leg bone which form the knee joint. As the joint space reduces, the bones absorb more pressure and become irritated and inflammed, which causes pain and restricted motion. Using the traction knee brace, the pressure is removed from the knee joint reducing friction and pressure as weight is removed and displaced. There is increased joint spacing and inflammation is reduced, mobility increased and less pain.

Brace Includes

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Flexion & Extension Control

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