Therapeutic Spinal Support Premium Back Support Pillow

When sitting, many individuals assume a forward posture from the neck down to the back. The therapeutic spinal support allows you to assume a more natural posture by conforming to it’s unique ergonimic design. This allows reduction in stress on the spinal discs, joints and muscles.

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therapeutic spinal support

The therapeutic spinal support is designed to follow and promote the natural contours of the spine and supports the areas that are under the most stress when sitting for long periods in a car or at a desk.

Therapeutic Spinal Support Details

Small: 23″L x 18″W x 4″D
Medium: 25.5″L x 18″W x 4″D
Large: 27.5″L x 18″W x 4″D

The side cutaways permits freedom of motion for the arms and shoulders. The side wings provide an uplifting effect to assist in supporting the spine. The top portion fits at the transition between the neck and the upper back allowing natural alignment. It has a rigid polypropylene insert, which is molded in to allow for the contour support. This is surrounded by non-allergenic and environmentally friendly foam for comfort and added support for long term use. It is very comfortable, while being durable for use on the road and at the office. 5 year warranty.

spinal support uses

If you drive for hours a day or sit at a desk all day long, poor posture from bad seating can zap your energy and cuase stiff neck and shoulders as well as tight back muscles. The therapeutic spinal support will help alleviate this stress. Users in vehicles report increased attentiveness when driving, along with better posture and reduced neck and back strain.

The therapeutic spinal support installs easily. Place the support over the chair, adjust position for height and tighten the straps. It’s that simple.

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How To Choose The Correct Size

To measure for correct size you can use standard system with the Small size for 5′ 2″ and smaller, Medium size for 5′ 2″ to 6′ 2″ and Large for 6′ 2″ and taller. You can check this by sitting on a form, flat surface and measuring from there to the top of your shoulders: Small (21 to 23 inches) | medium (23 to 25 inches) | Large (25 to 27 inches).

measuring for proper fit

Also available in a neck support version that provides the same support that extends to the neck for extra comfort, and helps provide whiplash protection when used in a car.

Spinal Support With Neck Extension
car seat back support
From $169.99

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