When It Comes To Therapeutic Pillows, This Ergonomic Pillow Uses Anatomically Contoured Shapes Incorporated To Promote The Best Neck Alignment Sleeping On Your Back Or Side.

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These pillows are designed to properly support the head and neck when back sleeping and side sleeping. Most people sleep in the center of their pillow when they sleep on their backs, the center of these therapeutic pillows are designed specifically for back sleeping with a special wedge for upper back support. When side sleeping, the outside edges of the pillow are designed to support the neck and shoulder with increased height.

Correct Measuring For Therapeutic Pillows

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Have someone assist and measure your left shoulder. Stand Facing the person who is measuring you, arms down to your sides. Hold the ruler to the base of the neck. Keep the ruler Level across the shoulder area. Feel for the arm bone and ignore any muscle beyond the bone on the end of the shoulder. Compare size on the ruler, above the end of the arm bone with the diagram to get the proper measurement for your therapeutic neck pillow. Between sizes - choose the smaller of the pillows. Also, if you sleep on a soft mattress, consider choosing the smaller size. From ages 6 and up. Also available in a Compact Travel Version.

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The unique density of the foam creates a medium density which allows for an extremely comfortable, yet supportive nights sleep. It may take some time to adjust; the more your neck needs correction, the longer it may take. However, this orthopedically designed pillow gets results!

Why Use Therapeutic These Pillows?

Because most people sleep both on their sides and their backs, these positions require different support to maintain proper neck alignment. The head needs to be supported approximately two inches higher in the side position than in the back position. Trying to make this correction, you may find yourself putting your hand under a pillow when sleeping on your side. This indicates you need more support in this position and this pillows is designed to give the best support in either position.

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Because of the distinct sleeping areas, you do need to be aware of how you change positions. You do not want to sleep on your back in the areas for side sleeping. So, a conscious effort is needed to change positions. This is usually not a problem with acute, painful conditions like neck sprain & strain, whiplash injuries or flare-ups of degenerative spinal conditions.

In the back sleeping position, the head not only needs to be supported at the right height, but prevented from tilting forward and restricting air passages, or from rolling from side to side which can put rotational stress on the neck resulting in muscle soreness and joint pain. Upper back support is also desirable to prevent the weight of the body from pulling the neck out of alignment.

    Therapeutic Pillows provide superior support and neck pain relief:

  • Supports the head at the proper height whether sleeping in the side or back position.

  • Prevents the head from rolling sideways when sleeping on the back.

  • Keeps the head tilted in the proper position while sleeping on the back.

  • Provides support for the neck and upper back when sleeping on the back

Therapeutic pillows use two shapes are incorporated into one supportive neck pillow with different heights for back and side sleeping. A unique orthopedic wedge to support the upper back. The Therapeutic Neck Pillow helps to eliminate sore and stiff neck problems from sleeping incorrectly. These pillows are patented for both design and function. Can reduce snoring and is probably the best pillow for neck pain we have ever seen.

Therapeutic Neck Pillow Features

Back Sleeping Therapy

Side Sleeping Therapy

  • Unique "Wedge Extension" supports your upper back.

  • "Cervical Contour" maintains the natural curve of your neck.

  • "Center Cavity" cradles head for optimal support and comfort.
  • "Raised Side Sections" accommodate shoulder height.

  • "Contoured Head Rests" keep your head and neck level.

  • "Side Cavities" provide flexible cushioning, ensuring jaw comfort for TMJ sufferers.
side and back sleeping

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The therapeutic pillow comes with a fitted polyester/cotton machine washable zippered pillow cover. Fits into a standard pillow case. The pillows are made of non-allergenic environmentally-friendly, recycled foam. Available in specific sizes to fit your body contours.

Therapeutic Pillows - Are They For Me?

Therapeutic pillows are very specific in their design, having separate areas for back and side sleeping. This is an important factor in maintaining a posture that will relax the neck muscles in either position. When lying on your side, you will need an extra inch or two of height compared to the back in order to compensate for the shoulder.

therapeutic pillow coverSo, therapeutic pillows maintain a distinct advantage in supplying the benefits for both sleeping postures in correct alignment. This will help ease tension on the muscles, joints and nerves, which may be very sensitive for those experiencing higher levels of neck pain and discomfort. This is a special therapeutic neck pillow that uses a thoracic support for upper back pain as well.

That being said, you must be able to move in a conscious manner when changing positions. You do not want to wake up on your side, with you head in the middle portion of the therapeutic neck pillow. This is not a problem for most, however, in consideration of the upper back support, this is a concern if you are a very deep sleeper or if you are taking medication that makes you sleep very deeply.

For most with significant neck pain, changing positions is painful and it is not a problem to carefully place yourself in the correct place on these therapeutic pillows. The increased comfort and alignment can help speed up recovery from injury as well as help deal with postural issues for long term users. A distinct advantage of this cervical pillow over many others is the measuring system which allows the best fit, so the pillow fits you and you don't have to fit a one size pillow.

Dimensions (inches) Child: 22.5 x 10.25 x 3.75 | Petite: 23.5 x 10.5 x 4.5 | Average: 24.75 x 10.75 x 5.25 | Large: 25.75 x 10.75 x 6 | X-Large: 26.5 x 11 x 6.75

Doctor's Note

It can be used as a stand alone pillow or a therapeutic pillow only. This means you can use it all the time or just when needed. So, don't throw away your current pillow, or make sure you have another good one. You can see how I use this as neck therapy and another pillow to manage chronic neck pain.

I wanted to share a recent email:

Like probably most people who come upon this web site, I have suffered with chronic neck pain for a very long time. And, probably like most, have researched and spent hundreds of dollars trying to find a pillow that would help alleviate at least some degree of the pain.

About a month ago, in my never-ending search, I purchased the therapeutic pillow, followed by the side sleeper pillow.

Sleeping on them has changed my quality of life!

I am in awe of the difference it has made. My neck doesn’t pop and crack as much (and when it does it is not as painful). I feel significantly more rested. Over the course of using these two pillows, I would now quantify the pain reduction at about 75%. Now, in the morning, my neck feels like a sore muscle (which is a dramatic improvement and manageable) and seems to improve throughout the day. There are times now when I move my head without any pain or popping at all. These pillows are truly life-changers, and I am seriously considering stockpiling the side sleeper pillow just in case you decide to go out of business.

There is so much helpful information on your web site, and my positive experience encourages me to trust any of the products you offer. I will see where I plateau with my pillows and then research your cervical traction devices.

I am grateful to have found your web site. Thank You, Thank You!

Kind regards,


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