Tailbone Cushion For Relief Of Tailbone Pain

Tailbone pain is common after a fall or injury of the tailbone (coccyx) and even after childbirth. This can produce pain when sitting. With the tailbone cushion, pain and pressure are relieved and sitting becomes a pleasure again!

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The tailbone cushion is 18″ long x 14″ wide” x 3″ high, tapered to 1″ in the front.

taibone cushion

It also helps to eliminate discomfort from hemorrhoids, fissures, cysts and can ease discomfort associated with sitting on hard surfaces.

The orthopedic design of the cushion provides relief of pressure and discomfort from back and hips too. The cut-out in the back of the cushion takes pressure off the base of the spine and tailbone.

Has tailbone pain ever ruined your day at the office, evening at home or trip to that vacation spot? Why not get rid of that pain and discomfort with the tailbone cushion. Supportive foam and it comes in a luxurious velour cover with easy portability so you can take your comfort anywhere.

Tailbone Pain Cushion

If you want to sit comfortably again and end the agony of your sitting discomfort, the tailbone relief cushion provides a great solution. By also providing a base of positioning for the bones in the lower pelvis, the cushion allows the tailbone to “float”, producing a chain reaction of relaxation of the low back muscles on up the spine to help in the relief of lower back pain.

The particular cut out portion removes harmful forces around the tailbone. The angled, wedged structure allows proper alignment of the spinal column as well as tilts the hips forward to reestablish natural lower back contour, a posture frequently encouraged according to medical professionals to supply optimum muscle tension as well as pain relief. Can be used along with virtually any seating surface: Car seat, Office chair, Your home, Train, Plane, Bleacher Seats. Enables you to be active while allowing the coccyx significant relief of pressure wherever you need to go.

  • Use as a seat cushion to provide the support you need for lower back pain relief
  • The wedge shape and cut-out area supports tailbone pressure and/or discomfort aggravated by sitting
  • Use the tailbone cushion anywhere you’ll be sitting for long periods like office, traveling by car, plane or train
  • Closed cell foam provides perfect cushioning and support
  • Optional Velour Black/Navy Cover (Stock Dependent) comes with durable zipper and can be machine washed
  • Prescribed by Doctors
  • FDA Registered Medical Device

The tailbone cushion is made to relieve pressure from the coccyx bone and base of the spine. The wedge shape helps to promote proper posture and discourage slouching. Made of a special, high quality, sealed cell foam, this cushion has a comfortable feel and is easy to clean.

Back View of Tailbone Cushion

A fall on the tailbone can stress ligaments and also damage tendon and cartilage attachments to the sacrum and may even cause a fracture or subluxation. In many cases the reason is not known and you should seek advice from a medical expert for examination as well as proper care. People who have pain in the tailbone/coccyx, called coccydynia, often find sitting down is considered the most irritating posture and most tailbone pain afflicted individuals discover the preferred cushioning will be the kind which has a cut out at the rear portion to ensure that absolutely no immediate stress is put about the coccyx. By suspending the tailbone in the air, the cushion can reduce pressure on the discs, tipping the pelvis forward to help restore the spine’s natural curve. Providing excellent seating comfort, the cut out sectioning allows comfort and relief of pain to other areas sensitive to sitting pressure.

The tailbone cushion is specifically designed to provide therapeutic relief and support to the lower back and tailbone region of the body. It can also bring some measure of relief to those suffering from cases of hemorrhoids and other ailments caused by or associated with sitting down for long periods of time, sitting down too abruptly or on a too rough or hard surface.

We do have a softer wedge seat cushion with removable tailbone pad for those requiring softer support in a tailbone relief cushion. If you need assistance or have questions, please contact Neck Solutions.