Surelock Wheelchair Headrest Hardware

The Surelock Wheelchair Headrest Hardware is a low profile, multi-positional hardware that adjusts easily without having a bar stick out that hits you in the chest when adjusting from behind for the user.

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Surelock Headrest Hardware: $179.99
Horizontal Mount: $89.99
Extension Bar: $69.99
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surelock wheelchair headrest hardware

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  • Positive locking joints allow for easy adjustment
  • Features a half inch positioning stop collar which allows you to remove the headrest assembly without changing the desired headrest position
  • Mounting plate is compatible with both 17/8 and 2 inches on center hole spacing
  • Verticle bar length is 9 inches, with full extension it is 16 inches
  • One inch ball mount adapts to most headrests
  • Improved mounting plate and lever
  • Used with Three Section, Soft, or Molded pads as well as the Savant and Pro-Fit – Sold Separately

hardware components

headrest hardware installation

Step 1: Use 4 buttonhead screws and washers (included) to attach mounting plate and spacer to chair. Make sure all six holes of plate and spacer line up. The on-center hole dimensions of the mounting plate are shown here.


Step 2: If desired, loosen set screws on stop collar and slide it onto the bar. Make sure stop collar set screws are accessible from the back side of the chair. Slide headrest assembly into mounting plate. Adjust assembly to desired vertical position, Tighten knob. If using stop collar, position it so it sits on the top of the mounting plate. With allen wrench, tighten set screws.

final assembly

Step 3: Loosen screws and adjust headrest assembly into desired position. If shorter assembly is desired, remove screws, and remove extension bar. Tighten screws.

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use with power wheelchairs

Step 4: Place headrest on ball at end of headrest mounting bar. Slide mounting ring over ball and tighten screws so headrest stays in desired position.

Horizontal Sliding Mount

horizontal mounting bracket

The special mounting bracket permits the hardware to move to the left or right of center about 2 inches in each direction for better positional placement & lateral accommodations. To help position a patient with asymmetrical alignment due to head positioning off the centerline. It measures 6.75 inches wide by 1.9 inches tall

horizontal mount details

horizontal movement

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Extension Bar

Extend the functionality of the hardware allowing additional adjustment and reach with the extension bar.

extension bar

If you need assistance or have questions regarding the Surelock hardware, horizontal mount, and extension bar please feel free to contact Neck Solutions.