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Neck Decompression Device


Product Information

Discover Why The Neck Decompression Device Can Help You With Pain Relief

Although pain management has come on in leaps and bounds over the last decade, medication and physiotherapy do not help everyone. There are certain health problems where pain management can be a problem, and one at the top of the list is neck pain. Pain that starts in the neck can be extremely problematic due to the fact that it has to continually support the head, which is extremely heavy. Not only is neck pain a problem, but it can spread to cause the likes of tension headaches, and eye strain. This is where a product such as a neck decompression device can come in handy. Fits Neck sizes up to 21 inches and comes with an air pressur gauge to measure the traction force..
So what is a neck decompression device? The device is similar to the neck braces seen in many hospital TV programs, in that it stabilizes the neck. However, it offers more benefits. The main one is that it takes the weight of the head off the neck. It also decompresses the neck area, and pushes the head upwards. This allows the muscles and ligaments in the neck to return to a more natural position, with only limited stress on them. By doing this, the neck gets plenty of relief, and this results in lower levels of pain especially if you suffer with a herniated disc, headaches, or other neck pain related conditions.
The neck decompression device is not something to be worn all day, it is only meant to be used on a regular basis to give the neck some relief. Over time, this relief can build up, and pain levels will decrease even when the device is not being worn. Although it may not sound comfortable, the design means that the pressure on the shoulders, around the neck, and under the jaw is spread out so it fits surprisingly comfortably. The pressure the device uses can be easily adjusted by pumping more air into it, or releasing some. It uses a meter that shows just how much air pressure is in the device, so it is perfect for use when a certain amount of prescribed traction force is recommended by your doctor.

Product Code: NS-BL49001


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