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Kool N Fit


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Natural Kool N Fit Soothes Those Aches And Pains


Whether you suffer from arthritis, back pain, stiffness in your neck or any other type of ailment, Kool N Fit is an all-natural solution to remedying your pain. It is a spray that temporarily blocks the transmitting of pain to nerve receptors and does so without causing any skin irritations or inflammations.

Some areas on the body are hard to reach, but one great thing about this product is boasts an easy application that is very user-friendly. All you do is spray it on the affected area, and the bottle sprays even when held upside down! Plus, this spray is clear and does not grease up your skin either.

With most of these topical analgesics on the market for pain relief, you're relying on one or two main ingredients that are not natural. With Kool N Fit, there are many all-natural ingredients that are formulated together to help not only relieve pain but benefit the body and skin in many ways. These herbal oils are great for your skin!

This spray comes recommended by many well-known athletes and professionals in the health care field from all over the world. Some of the active ingredients within the spray even have antiseptic and anti-spasmodic properties, which can really work to not only relieve the pain but improve your overall condition as a whole.

This soothing spray gives you a sense of mobility and well-being all the way around as it relaxes those aching muscles and even helps to increase blood flow and circulation. You can even use the spray to help relieve those pesky chest cold symptoms!

Besides arthritis, back and neck pain, here are a few other conditions that Kool N Fit can help you with. Use the spray on those insect bites to stop the itching. Do you have a bad sunburn? You can use this product to give you instant relief. Restless leg syndrome can keep you up at night and make you uncomfortable throughout your day. All you have to do is spray on this product for relief. It can also help with those hot days, headaches, night cramps and much more.

As you can tell, it has many healing abilities and again, the best thing about it is it's an all-natural solution.


Product Code: NS-KNF100802-1


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