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Don’t let shoulder pain slow you down. The sports shoulder brace lets you continue to be active in athletics as well as every day activities, where a brace for the shoulder is not required for immobilization. During the stage of rehab where you can start being active, many of us are anxious to return to our tennis game or to get back out on the golf course and the sports shoulder brace will get you back in your game. <read more>

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The sports shoulder brace allows protection as well as heat & support. Provides warmth and flexibility while playing sports. Perhaps you are recovering from a minor shoulder muscle sprain and are doing the exercises for shoulder problems. When you are ready to resume daily activities or get back to sports activities, this is an athletic shoulder brace with quality as well as comfort.

For those who have been through surgical procedures or in the last stages of a frozen shoulder or rotator cuff tear, switching to a sports shoulder brace allows more mobility of the shoulder is an important aspect of rehabilitation. You do not have to sacrifice high quality that athletes demand. The sports shoulder brace is made of quality neoprene for increasing blood circulation, support, comfort as well as heat therapy to speed recovery and aid the final stages of the healing process. A great brace for shoulder arthritis as warmth is retained, especially when sweating, since evaporation from sweating can cause a chill in the shoulder.

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Benefits Of The Sports Shoulder Brace

Constructed from a durable, yet soft neoprene, the comfort of the athletic shoulder brace allows extended use and added security and protection for minor levels of remaining instability, shoulder strain, tendinitis and arthritis. The sports shoulder brace offers light compression and can be worn when you get first indications of strain to help counteract painful effects of tissue swelling. Provides temporary pain relief seen with minor injuries, arthritis and overuse or repetitive type injuries from work or sports. It can be worn before, during and even after activity to help with prevention of shoulder injuries for those with a history of problems. The athletic shoulder brace compliments therapy methods consisting of muscle treatment and exercise and can be used just about anywhere at anytime, as the sports shoulder brace is working constantly to help treat shoulder problems.

Measuring For The Sports Shoulder Brace

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The athletic shoulder brace can be an important aspect of rehab to allow better flexibility of soft tissues, including muscles, tendons and joints for after therapy sessions, return to activity after a long time off or in cases of overuse injury. The warming and therapeutic massage compression effect increases metabolism and this athletic shoulder brace, with its quality neoprene construction is designed to be a therapeutic adjunct for individuals suffering from frozen shoulder, bursitis, sprains and strains, keeping the shoulder warm as well as flexible when playing sports.

Indications For The Athletic Shoulder Brace

Used for acute and chronic shoulder pain as well as arthritic conditions and degeneration of the rotator cuff. A great brace for shoulder strain and sprain and tendinitis. Can be worn either on the left or right shoulder and increases awareness of shoulder position and activity.

This is a warming as well as pain relieving sports shoulder brace which maximizes blood perfusion, providing a prevention effect and may speeds up the healing process of overuse muscle strain and tendinitis.

Application Of the Athletic Shoulder Brace

Just place the brace on your shoulder. Pull the strap under the good shoulder and fasten it with the velcro closure upon the chest. Then adjust the athletic shoulder brace around the arm for best fit and comfort.

Doctors Note:

This is the brace I used before my surgery. I didn’t know what was wrong yet, so I used this brace along with some specific shoulder stretches and exercises, a TENS Unit, and heated shoulder wrap. After an injection failed to provide relief, it was time for an MRI. Well, two torn tendons, so I needed surgery and wound up using a much more supportive brace, but the sports brace, along with the above methods was enough to keep me going until the surgery – for about 2 months. If you need tendon repair surgery, it is important to keep from getting a frozen shoulder that can have negative effects on surgical outcome. This brace did help and it is very well made.

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