Shoulder Support Brace

The shoulder support brace offers shoulder joint relief as well as immobilization. This support is well made and comes in 2 different configurations for shoulder conditions that require stabilizing close to the body, either in 15 degrees of abduction or internal rotation. <read more>

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The Internal Rotation Shoulder Support Brace

internal rotation support brace

Usage indications for the internal rotation shoulder support brace are for after injury or surgery that requires internal rotation for immobilization. Irritation of the shoulder and shoulder girdle areas, injuries to the soft tissue like muscles strain or ligament sprain, frozen shoulder that produces painful abduction or external rotation. Conservative management of acromioclavicular joint arthritis as well as separation of the joint. in the area of the shoulder and shoulder joint cartilage deterioration or omarthrosis. Fixates the arm close to the body and immobilizes the shoulder with internal rotation.

The Abduction Shoulder Support Brace

abduction support brace

For shoulder joint pain relief and immobilization of the shoulder within 15 degrees of abduction using a waist cushion that is anatomically shaped. For those conditions which require immobilization of the shoulder in 15 degrees of abduction. This includes after traumatic injuries as well as after surgery like plastic surgery of the rotator cuff. It also provides correct immobilization of a posterior shoulder dislocation, where greater than 15 degrees of abduction is not necessary. It helps to heal soft tissue injury after work or sports related injuries for quicker healing of the inflammatory phase. Assists in relief of irritations to the shoulder and shoulder girdle regions with impingement syndromes and chronic bursitis. Permits proper immobilization for instability of the shoulder and injuries to the biceps muscle tendon.

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Internal Rotation Shoulder Support Features

Easy to use and user friendly closures. Skin friendly, soft and breathable fabric for a high level of comfort and easy to wash. It is very lightweight, with waist and shoulder belts which can be adjusted individually. There is a thumb loop that is easily positioned to assist with comfort and relaxation of the hand as well as forearm. The shoulder support brace can be used on either the right or left side.

Abduction Shoulder Support Features

There is a comfortable cushion for the waist, perfect for keeping the arm stabilized in 15 degrees of abduction. The closures are very user friendly with the fabric being easily washable, skin friendly as well as breathable for ease of care and comfort. It is a lightweight support with the waist and shoulder belts capable of individual adjustments. Accommodating either the right or left arm in one brace, it uses a loop for the thumb that is adjustable for comfortable positioning of the forearm and hand.

Measuring For The Shoulder Support Brace

measuring shoulder support brace
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Doctors Note:

This is the brace I used after my shoulder surgery in 2014. I had a rotator cuff repair, acromioplasty and biceps tendonesis. Quite an experience. I talk about having to sleep in a recliner for many months and found this u-shaped neck pillow to be the best. I had initially used a brace they provided which was very big and bulky. Fine for the first week or so, but when in recovery mode, I switched to this brace (abduction) and found it much more comfortable, airy, lightweight, good quality and much easier to work with due to it’s simple design. It does not look like some of these other ones that appear like you have a huge mechanical arm, but it is way less expensive than others that cost hundreds, and it made my rehab & daily activities easier.

Shoulder Support Brace Application

shoulder support brace instructions

The brace comes to fit the right arm, but can be applied to the left arm as well


Remove the front closure which is attached to the arm loop. It can be switched to the opposite side in the same position as looking in a mirror.

A) Open up the strapping. Place the arm in the loop and adjust the Velcro for the thumb and upper part of the arm (1). B) Fix the strap of the shoulder strap in a diagonal over the other shoulder. The strap should be tight so that it keeps the arm in desired position (2). C) Secure the strap for the waist (3). According to fit, the straps may be adjusted. The pad for the shoulder is then placed in the required position.


To adjust for the left side, open the waist strap closure. The abduction wedge is removed from the loop of the arm and secured with the two sided fastener on the opposite side (4). The strap for the shoulder shoulder be opened and turned to close.

A) Open straps, placing the arm inside the loop, making sure to position the elbow inside the arm loop of the closed angle. The waist pad is put on the hip of the affected shoulder with the anatomical end pointing forward. Adjust the closures for the thumb and elbow(5). B) The shoulder strap is placed in a diagonal over the opposite shoulder. Secure the strap for the waist(6), adjusting the shoulder and waist strap length. The straps may be shortened and the pad for the shoulder put in place.

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