Shoulder Pain Brace Provides The Highest Level Of Stability

The shoulder pain brace is a joint support system that has optimal function regarding surgical and injury recovery. With a wide range of options for adjustments, immobilizing the shoulder joint has the capability of adapting to specific needs as well as progression of recovery. This outstanding and award winning design delivers with the best quality and functionality in a surgery recovery brace. <read more>

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Advantages Of The Shoulder Pain Brace

This is an easy to use brace with a washable and breathable pad intended for high levels of comfort. Adapts without having to use tools by means of integrated elements using velcro, adding to the diverse functionality. The brace adjusts for left or right side; the rotation kit is side specific. Add the rotation option and external rotation is available to combine with abduction, featuring 3 more degrees of adjustability. The brace provides precise shoulder pain relief and recovery with immobilization in abduction and external rotation. Very high quality and precise adjustment.

  • Standard: Immobilize shoulder in 0, 15, 30, 60, or 90 degrees of abduction.
  • Rotation: Immobilize shoulder in 10, 25, and 30 degrees of external rotation

Shoulder Pain Brace Indications

Standard: posterior shoulder dislocation. Osteosynthesis or uniting the ends of a fractured bone by mechanical means, stabilizing of the shoulder, prosthesis implantation. Rotator cuff surgery and impingement syndromes. Rotation: anterior dislocation and labral tear refixation with Bankart lesion.

Brace Effects

The shoulder pain brace is employed for immobilization and stabilization after surgical procedures and for cases of significant shoulder injury requiring secure and adaptable support. The main goals for therapy are correct and secure anatomical shoulder positioning, relief of pressure and reduction of pain.

Why Is External Rotation Beneficial?

The shoulder pain brace employs the use of external rotation, which is the rotating of the arm outward, moving the hand away from the body. Clinical as well as scientific evidence indicates clear advantages of employing external rotation, as opposed to internal rotation following anterior shoulder dislocation with associated injury of the anterior glenoid labrum called a Bankart lesion. The tearing of the labrum causes the shoulder to become unstable and prone to repeated dislocations. By using an external rotation position, the risk of repeated dislocations following first time anterior dislocation can be reduced by about 38 percent. The reduction rate increases to 46 percent in those less than 30 years of age, according to a study in the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery American Volume.

The shoulder pain brace permits positions of the shoulder at 0, 15, 30, 60 and 90 degrees, relieving the shoulder joint and supporting the process of rehabilitation. The addition of 10, 20 and 30 degree external rotation options offers the benefit of combining abduction with external rotation. The professional manufacturing ensures confidence in the highest possible quality of materials and design available.

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Quick Brace Setup

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Brace Adjusting

directions 1

The brace comes set up for use on the right arm. Simply fold the armrest over (1) to adjust if for use on the left shoulder. Take off the pad for the hand and belt for the waist and attach on the opposite side of the body portion of the support (2). Take off the arm strapping and unhook the shoulder strap, turning the pad on the strap to where the seam is pointed away from the body.

directions 2

The angle of abduction is set using the wedges which attach directly to the shoulder pain brace with velcro. Open the support and place the wedge using the top pivoting point on the arm rest (3). The arm rest is folded back to secure the wedge (4). If 0 degrees of abduction is required, simply fix the double sided hooking strip positioned as noted above.

directions 3

Using the external rotation option for the shoulder pain brace is accomplished by attaching the elements that come with the extrenal rotation kit, using either the 10, 20 or 30 degree position. Simply take the velcro on the arm rest apart, ensuring the pad for the forearm is able to be removed from the frame of the tube(A). The lock pins are then removed and the required external rotation piece replaced (B). Secure the tubing frame using the lock pins, securing it with the pad for the forearm. Secure the arm and forearm pads with velcro.

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Shoulder Pain Brace Features and Benefits

directions 4

Left – A variety of angles for abduction are easily obtained, thus giving support to the optimal position of the arm for any given fitting. Using the abduction wedge, the angles are quickly set and attached with the velcro patches. Right – the optional external rotation elements expand the abduction functionality of the support by combining it with 3 different degrees of external rotation. Should the external rotation elements be required after initial purchase of the shoulder pain brace, there is no need to buy a new brace. Simply order the elements separately – contact us for details.

directions 5

Left – The padding is washable and breathable, constructed of soft, skin friendly material, providing a very comfortable support. It additionally helps to prevent irritation of the skin and development of pressure points. Right – Both the waist belt and shoulder strap attach to the shoulder pain brace using easy velcro attachments. Positioned individually without the need for special tools and providing optimal fitting.

directions 6

Left – The brace is very lightweight, yet offers a high level of stability and securely positions the arm using a functional tube frme construction. Right – Using a velcro patch for attachment, the hand pad offers comfortable hand positioning that can be customized for the users anatomy.

directions 7

The velcro closures are very functional offering easy adjusting and customization through shoulder strap and waist belt with individual control for comfortable and easy handling.

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