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This unique and high quality shoulder brace uses space age materials to achieve the most comfortable support for shoulder problems available. When you need support for serious support in comfort that you can wear anywhere for rehabilitation and support, this brace is one of the best at providing motion control without immobilization. <read more>

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Shoulder Stabilization Brace: $139.99
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For conditions requiring adjustable mobility and support, there is no better brace available. You can avoid the effects of overheating, while maintaining the comfort and security of a stabilizing shoulder brace in any weather condition. While stabilizing the shoulder joint and preventing extremes of motion, the brace is great for shoulder strains and arthritic conditions, where protection from extremes in temperature is crucial.

Wear this shoulder brace with comfort and ease of mind during those hot summer days or when in stressful situations as it helps prevent sweating by employing the most advanced materials. Are braces comfortable? No. But if you need stabilization to help reduce pain and prevent further injury, you will have a hard time finding a brace with better comfort.

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Measuring The Shoulder Brace

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A shoulder brace that is just right – not too warm, yet not too cold. The advanced materials work to absorb any excessive body heat, then releasing it whenever your body needs it. This helps to control the microclimate of your skin, actively adapting to compensate for changes in temperature.

Employing an anatomical design and style, the brace provides optimum comfort due to the temperature regulating material and a simple, easy to use flex-strap system for individual adjustability of both stability as well as flexibility. A silicone lining helps to keep the brace in place. It may be worn on either the left or right side, while the anatomically precise cut ensures the best fit.

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Indications For Use

Acute as well as chronic shoulder pain, arthritis of the shoulder joints and rotator cuff degeneration. Problems with shoulder muscles including strain of the shoulder muscles and tendinitis, minor levels of shoulder instability and support for after surgery, especially minimally invasive types like arthroscopic surgery.

Ease Of Application

1. Simply put the brace on your shoulder.
2. Place the long strap under your other arm and fasten the velcro closure. A small pad protects you underarm.
3. By adjusting the shoulder straps, you can control the amount of support and restriction of motion you desire.

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Doctor’s Note: After two shoulder surgeries and injury in therapy on the last one, I have two rotator cuff tears, some acromioclavicular joint instability and moderate arthritis. I do not have much of a choice in wearing a brace to help protect against further injury and to help reduce pain and swelling with activity. To be honest, I don’t like wearing it at all. But, it has many advantages over some others.

Cheaper braces that do provide support are way too uncomfortable and sweaty. Some of the more expensive ones are more comfortable, but just don’t cut it with stabilization. That’s just my experience. If your’e like me, you will want to try different ones, starting with the cheap, neat looking ones with bunches of stars. If you can, please do. Having access to many, I ended here; a good compromise between support and comfort. I spent way more than this one trying others. I still have some of the others and will use them from time to time. Some are trash. I use this one 90% of the time, 5% on two others, and 5% getting frustrated and wearing nothing when I should. I wear a medium; before the two surgeries, I would have worn a large.

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