A Seat Wedge Can Help With Back And Neck Pain Relief By Promoting Good Posture While Sitting

This is a foam seat wedge to help improve posture, restore and maintain correct ergonomic seating. Transforming ordinary chairs into comfort and relief zones to provide a healthier way to sit.

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Foam Seat Wedge: $49.99
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The seat wedge places your spine in its natural and balanced shape. The wedge shape produces a pelvic tilt by raising your hips a little higher than your knees and actively giving your pelvis a slight forward tilt producing an open pelvic angle and promoting normal muscle tension.

To help improve your posture, the seat wedge is a angled 3-3/4″ high, working to restore and maintain correct ergonomic seating in the office or when traveling. The slight incline helps promote proper posture while performing daily tasks.

Measures: 15″ Wide X 16″ Deep (Wedge Thickness From 1″ to 3-3/4″ ) Covered with durable cotton/poly fabric available in gray, blue and black (color availability varies), and is made with quality, precision-cut foam.

removable pad for tailbone pain relief
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The seat wedge has a removable foam pad which makes this seat cushion great for those with a sensitive or injured tailbone. It is softer than the tailbone relief cushion, which is a firmer option in a seat wedge for larger or heavier individuals. This seat wedge is softer and has the option of a removable piece for tailbone pain.

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promoting correct postureThe wedge seat cushion redistributes weight evenly over your discs and the supporting muscles and ligaments should be more comfortably balanced. It helps promote activity of the core muscles, which can help stabilize the back. It is very easy to place in the seat or take it out, so you can vary when using. This helps prevent sitting in one position for extended periods, which provides a mini-break.

Immediate benefits for office workers and computer operators as the wedge seat cushion encourages an active, ergonomically efficient and balanced posture. The open pelvic angle can give comfort to those with arthritic hips and relief after hip replacement operations. Even musicians, especially cello players, have found them invaluable during long concerts.

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More Seat Wedge Benefits

Helping to improve posture and provide correct ergonomic seating is the goal of a seat wedge, however, this model also helps to relieve tailbone pain or other conditions where relief in that anatomical area is needed, like cysts or hemorrhoids. It can be more comfortable than sagging and constricting doughnut pillows often used for this purpose.

Use helps strengthen and rehabilitate core muscles while sitting, eases back pain and reduces the fatigue of prolonged sitting while at work, traveling or just sitting around the house. Lightweight and easy to use.

The wedge seat cushion is a simple yet effective piece of fitness equipment to improve your posture, for postural awareness training and to strengthen your back and body in addition to tailbone relief. Use on any chair to promote ergonomic sitting and improve your posture. Versatile for use at home, office or when traveling by car, plane or train.

Add to any seat at the office, at home or while traveling, the comfortable wedge uses a posture that promotes strengthening of core muscles to increase the endurance of your lower abdomen and back muscles reducing your risk of back injury. It is much easier to use, less expensive and more comfortable than the seat ball types.

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