The Savant Wheelchair Headrest Provides Unique Support For The Head

This is a great solution for those who need secure head support for wheelchairs. For any condition where supports for the head are needed in a wheelchair, this can not only prevent the head from dropping forward, but for back and side control as well. The Savant Headrest for wheelchairs eliminates the need for additional methods to stabilize the head. Easy to mold the proper shape for a custom fit using you hands, the Savant Wheelchair Headrest is also light weight and avoids heat build-up. The Savant controls the head by affording stabilization, controlling side to side turning and bending motion. For stabilizing the head forward, a special head band offers unmatched support and security.

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Savant Wheelchair Headrest: $449.99
Replacement Head Strap: $68.99
Standard Mounting Hardware: $219.99
Twin Mounting Hardware: $359.99
Twin Flex Mounting Hardware: $399.99
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Savant Head Support For Wheelchair Features

  • Special headband provides stability, restricting forward head drop
  • Easy and quick adjusting of clamps which secure the headrest
  • Upper area side padding stabilizes sideward motion
  • Middle area side padding offers comfort and support behind ears
  • Bottom area padding stabilizes the rear of the head
  • Padding incorporates gel for a superior level of comfort
  • Using a combination of lycra/nylon, the cover is comfortable and durable
  • Savant Insurance Code: K0108
  • Fits perfectly with the Axion Rotary for left and right rotation – shown in use with the Savant in the video.

savant wheelchair headrest front

Savant Headrest Benefits

  • Easily fitted and shaped using hands
  • May be attached with 3 point hardware
  • Use with or without the included headband for anterior stabilization
  • Padding extensions can be hand shaped for a custom fit
savant wheelchair headrest position 1savant wheelchair headrest position 2
savant wheelchair headrest position 3savant wheelchair headrest position 4

  • The headrest is not only cooling, but very comfortable as the padding permits circulation of air
  • Minimal retaining of heat
  • Easily placed on and taken off
  • Low-profile and attractive design
  • Easily cleaned using mild soap with water and air dried
  • Complete head control

savant with twin mounting hardwareThe Savant Wheelchair Headrest incorporates a headband which is utilized to support the front of the head, preventing head drop for those with poor motor control of the head and neck muscles. It may be used without the headband if not necessary. Employs a distinctive steel based core, permitting a variety shapes for customizing without the need for a tool – just bend and shape by hand to desired shape.

The clamps provide an easy method for rapid release of the headband or precise adjustments. The upper side padding effectively supports the head to the sides. Middle padding uses a shape designed for extra comfort for the back of the ears. The lower padding give an additional measure of support and comfort to the base of the skull – suboccipital region. Padding affords exceptional comfort as they incorporate a gel which is very soft. All this and covered in a soothing, yet durable and easy to clean lycra and nylon combination fabric material.

The lower two arms of the Savant are a softer steel than the upper two arms. They are meant to be shaped by hand to contour to a person’s head shape (to distribute pressure) and the upper arms are the main support arms to rigidify the shape and position the head.

savant headrest sizes

Sizes – (Adult | Small | Child).

savant core

Black is standard color

The Savant Wheelchair Headrest comes with a small bag that contains the screws for attaching the ring of the mounting hardware to the headrest. There are also caps included in the bag for people who don’t use the headband, so they can remove the headband clips and pop the caps into the screw holes (to make it look more finished/hide the screw holes).

Savant Wheelchair Headrest User Measuring

Measure Around Forehead



Adult Size

22 to 24

56 to 61

Small Size

18 to 22

46 to 56

Child Size

14 to 18

36 to 46

Measure Behind Ears Around Back Of Head

Adult Size

8 to 9

20 to 30

Small Size

6 to 7

15 to 18

Child Size

5 to 6

13 to 15

Between Sizes? Choose Larger Headrest.

Savant Wheelchair Headrest Size Measurements

Inside Measurement – Top Support



Adult Size



Small Size



Child Size



Inside Measurement – Middle Support

Adult Size



Small Size



Child Size



Headrest Height

Adult Size



Small Size



Child Size



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Savant Headrest Mounting Hardware Options

hardware options

Standard Hardware Option

Standard Savant Wheelchair Headrest Hardware For Mounting

The Standard Hardware utilizes a 1 inch (25 mm) metal ball which allows complete adjusting. It is covered with a nylon finishing providing durability, preserving the attractive appearance.

The Standard Hardware may be utilized along with the Savant Headrest for comprehensive control as well as a headrest which accepts a 1 inch (25 mm) ball.

The length measures 17″ (43 cm)

Savant Mounting Hardware

Multi-Axis Twin Hardware

Twin Savant Wheelchair Headrest Hardware For Mounting

This is a very adjustable hardware for mounting the Savant. The range of adjusting allows positioning of the headrest in a more precise manner.

The telescoping of the Twin Hardware is a unique feature permitting fine tuning for head positioning. Made of anodized aluminum.

The Twin Hardware may be used with the Savant Headrest for more comprehensive control and comfort as well as any headrest which accepts a 1 or 3/4 inch ball.

twin hardware

twin hardware adjustments

Please Note: The hardware comes as pictured. Allen Wrenches are not included, this uses a standard US measure Allen key (it’s not a proprietary OR metric size). Screws for the face back of chair are not included. Different seat backs have different depths, are made of different materials, and different seating installers generally have different preferences for the “type” and head of screw. A stop collar is not included with the standard hardware. The twin comes with the stop collar

Multi-Axis Twin Flex Hardware

Twin Flex Savant Wheelchair Headrest Hardware For Mounting

This is new and adds a significant measure of adjustability to the Twin. We call it the “Super Twin” and it is the most adjustable hardware for mounting the Savant/Axion. The range of adjusting allows positioning of the headrest forward of the backrest.

The same great features of the twin with extended flexion range.

The Twin Flex accepts a 1 inch ball.

twin flex hardware

The twins have a keyed stop collar. The piece sticking out of the bottom of the stop collar will slot into the little hole in the top of the mounting bracket. (The point being, the whole thing can be pulled out of the mounting bracket, and then dropped back in in exactly the same position and at the same height.) The twin mounts higher on the back than the standard. A certain experience/skill level would be advisable for installation. A standard tool kit would be assumed.

Hardware Allen screws are metric.

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Optional Mounting For The Savant: For Soft Back Wheelchairs

If the wheelchair does not have a place to mount the hardware on the back, if the wheelchair has a soft back, we have options for mounting the savant to the handle bars or the canes (back poles). You will need the multi-axis offset mount and either the handle or cane mount hardware. They can be found at our softback wheelchair headrests page.

Savant Headrest Add-Ons

side extension

Side padding to extend support provides additional supporting for the top side pads only.

It is used in place of (or as an alternative to) the headband. It’s either/or – you cannot use both at the same time.

Side Extension Pad: $49.99

Savant Headrest Adapters

Universal Mounting Plate

The universal headrest mount plate for mounting to any wheelchair backrest that has drilled holes which are pre-threaded to adapt all the hardware patterns we could fit – so you can use it to attach pretty much any wheelchair headrest mounting hardware to the back of a wheelchair.

universal headrest hardware mounting plate
Universal Mounting Plate: $159.99
Whitmyer Adapter

Adapting Whitmyer piece

The mounting adapter permits the Savant Headrest fitting a 3/4 inch ball (19 mm) Whitmyer hardware as well as a 5/8 inch (17 mm) Stealth hardware.

Whitmyer Adapter: $99.99

A Netti Adapting mount permits the headrest to fit with Netti hardware. The small is 6 inches long (150 mm). The large is 10 inches (250 mm) long.

Savant Netti Adapter
Netti Adapter: $149.99
Snug Seat Adapter for Savant

The Snug Seat Adapter allows the use of the Savant Headrest on Snug Seat Headrest Hardware. This will also allow the use of the Axion Wheelchair Headrest Rotation Mount along with the Savant on the Snug Seat Hardware. This adapter is for those who wish to remove the existing Snug Seat Headrest and use the Savant or the Savant/Axion combination.

Snug Seat Adapter: $124.99

The multi axis hardware mounts use M6 x 20 mm steel screws. If you adjust them a lot, the handles replace the screws for easy and fast adjustment. The standard screws are metric, so if you use an imperial Allen wrench that is not metric, the head can strip. Because they are steel, they do not strip with a metric Allen wrench. The handles solve the problem by omitting the use of any tool. The Twin uses 1 pair (2) and the flex twin uses 2 pair (4).

hardware adjustment handles
Hardware Adjustment Handles (2): $59.99
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It is recommended a professional measure, fit and secure the savant headrest/hardware to the wheelchair. For general & technical questions, please use the Neck Solutions Contact Form.

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HCPCS/L Code Suggested: Savant K0108 (which is a “miscellaneous” code), and Hardware E1028 | Warranty: Hardware 2 yrs, Headrest 1 yr.