Axion Rotary Wheelchair Headrest Mount Permits Headrests To Rotate Freely For Reduced Head Shearing & Improved Function & Fits A Wide Variety Of Headrests

The Axion Rotary is a unique device wheelchair headrests which is able to be assembled together with almost all head rests and mounting hard ware configurations. It permits the attached rotation of headrests, thus greatly increasing functionality regarding motion. It is an interface that functions as a rotation device. It is mounted to a wheelchair headrest between the headrest and hardware. Applies to users with limitations regarding control of the head, restrictions in motion range and vision field. Additionally, it is applicable for those often rotating the head directly up against the headrest, producing friction related sores and irritation.

For 19mm 3/4″ Ball : $499.99
For 25mm 1″ Ball : $499.99
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Axion Rotary Wheelchair Headrest Mount

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The Rotary Wheelchair Headrest Mount comes in 4 configurations of motion, fitting 2 size of ball mounts – 1 inch or 25 mm and 3/4 inch or 19 mm, along with 2 degrees of rotary ability.

  • The Rotary 60 model allows 60 degrees of rotation – 30 per side.
  • The Rotary 90 model allows 90 degrees of rotation – 45 per side

It moves freely and quietly without the need for lubricant. The degree of rotation movement is able to be controlled easily via a button which permits a fixed stop point as well as reducing the ease of motion according the the users preference and specific needs.

Axion Rotary Wheelchair Headrest Mount Positions

In most cases, the Rotary is applied using the unrestricted setting which permits total freedom of head rotation in coordination with the headrest, allowing full support of the head with the headrest during rotation. This assists those with weak muscles with assuring supportive function of the headrest during side to side rotation.

If there is proper muscle function and strength, however, there is a propensity for friction to develop from the headrest, the Axion Rotary Mount permits the headrest to easily rotate along with move with the head motion. A reduction or elimination of rubbing of the head against the headrest helps to alleviate sores on the head as well as loss of hair.

Choosing the Correct Size for the Axion Rotary Wheelchair Headrest Mount:

The Rotary comes in 4 four models, which are fitted on 2 size ball mounting & 2 degrees of rotation. The 30 & 60 Degree Rotary go with the 3/4 inch or (19 mm) ball as well as the 1 inch (25mm) ball. 19 mm are utilized by Whitmyer Headrests including mounting hard ware

Rotation on the Axion Wheelchair Headrest MountRotation: The horizontal piece with the curve provides rotation along with the headrest which prevents sticking between with the headrest.

The 90 Model has a longer size horizontal piece which may protrude out from the edges of smaller sized headrests. If you are not sure, the 60 model would be best.

Axion Basic Features Axion Rotary Wheelchair Headrest Rotation Axion Rotation Models

The Rotary interface features the base portion, horizontal potion along with an attached ball.

The horizontal piece moves with the headrest during rotation as the base portion is fixed. The control button below allows the system to lock at any degree during rotation.

Axion Fitting 1Axion Fitting 2Axion Fitting 3

The Axion Rotary is is an interface and fitted between the wheelchair headrest and the hardware.

Attach the headrest to the ball of the Axion. Ensure that it is aligned symmetrically.

Mount to the headrest hardware.

Attach the mounted Axion to the hardware on the wheelchair. The headrest should follow the head freely as it rotates. Used on a wide variety of headrests, including Whitmeyer, Stealth, Ottobock and Netti.

Do I Need An Adapter To Use The Axion?

Whitmyer Adapter

Whitmyer Adapter

A 3/4″ hardware attaches to ANY Axion when using a Whitmyer adapter. 1″ hardware attaches to ANY Axion natively. (Without any adapters needed). Whitmyer headrests are designed to accept a 3/4″ ball. So if you have a Whitmyer headrest you would want an AXION 19mm/3/4″ (Because they have a 19mm/3/4″ ball).

If you have a headrest that accepts a 1″ ball (like the Savant, or a an Otto Bock Headrest, or…), then you would want an AXION 25mm/1″ (Because they have a 25mm/1″ ball).

So, if you have a 3/4 ball mount, and want to use the Savant Headrest, then you need an AXION 1 inch and a Whitmyer adapter.

Whitmyer Adapter: $99.99

Snug Seat Adapters

Snug Seat Adapter for Axion Mount

These adapters allows use on a Snug Seat Headrest. The top adapter in the picture attaches to the back of the headrest and to the Snug Seat Headrest Hardware, and the bottom adapter is used to attach the Axion to the Snug Seat Headrest. This permits the Snug Seat Headrest to attach to the Axion 1 inch ball, then to the Snug Seat Headrest Hardware.

If you are planning to use the Axion with the Savant Headrest to replace the Snug Seat Headrest, you just need the back adapter, so you would order the adapter on the Savant Headrest page.

Snug Seat Adapters For Axion: $189.99
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Warranty: 1 year.


If you need assistance or have questions regarding the Axion Rotary Wheelchair Headrest Mount, please feel free to contact Neck Solutions. It can get confusing, but we can help! Email is the best method, so we may best communicate between our technical experts as well as the manufacturer’s. Please include details of your current set-up, and we may ask for pictures to further clarify your particular needs.