The Pro Fit Wheelchair Headrest

The pro fit headrest uses a comfortable, yet strong support for the head that is uniquely adjustable for a great fit. <read more>

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Adapter Plate: $89.99
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pro fit headrest girlThe Pro Fit Headrest is very adjustable for width to open wide or close in, providing a custom fit. It features very strong locking joints, which are adjustable and produce a locking mechanism on each side of the wheelchair headrest, so where you set it, it stays in place.

The inside of the pro fit wheelchair headrest gets its comfort from a high quality foam. Even though the back of the headrest has locking, adjustable joints, the front stays very comfortable because the foam is one piece across the entire width of the headrest. The entire pro fit headrest is then covered in a zippered cover for added comfort and is easily removed for cleaning.

The pro fit wheelchair headrest uses a split collar, which easily attaches to a 1 inch standard ball headrest mounting hardware.

Sizes Of The Pro Fit Headrest

pro fit wheelchair headrest measurements
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Features Of The Pro Fit Headrest

  • Superior foam quality for user comfort

  • Easily removable cover adds comfort and allows easy cleaning

  • Easily attaches to a 1 inch diameter ball mount for adaptability to headrest hardware

  • Exceptional adjustability to widen or bring in close for secure support

  • Hinge system allowing firm support, resisting strong postural deviation

  • Headrest adapter plate for fitting to multiple manufacturer set-ups

Benefits Of The Pro Fit Wheelchair Headrest

  • Engineered and designed using locking hinges with high torque ability and has been tested in having superior holding force as compared to other headrests

  • A quality, zippered cover for extra comfort and ease of maintenance

  • Simply attaches to 1 inch ball mounting hardware for easy fitting

  • Wide range of adjustability for ease of movement or secure holding and resistance

  • A unique and easy to use hinge system, which permits strong, firm head support, which is beneficial for resistance to forceful posture deviation

  • Fits many manufacturer hardware assemblies with the optional headrest adapter plate
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    What Hardware Assembly Is Recommended For The Pro Fit Headrest?

    While the split collar permits easy fitting to a standard 1 inch ball mount, and the optional adapter plate allows attaching to many manufacturers set-ups, the pro fit wheelchair headrest achieves maximum range of motion and set-up options using the surelock or multi-axis hardware.

    Surelock Hardware
    surelock hardware

    Multi Axis Hardware
    multi axis hardware

    Summary Of The Pro Fit Wheelchair Headrest

    This headrest is a great addition to our collection. It uses a split collar mount which is modified for easy installation and a secure hold. It uses 2 locking hinges on each side in the back of the headrest to allow maximum holding power from the user contact position pushing outward.

    Installing The Pro Fit Headrest

    1. Loosen the bolts on the collar with a 3/16″ allen wrench

    pro fit headrest installation 1

    2. Insert the mounting ball for the headrest bracket

    profit wheelchair headrest installation 2

    3. Adjust to the desired positioning and tighten the bolts

    pro fit installation 3
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    Adjusting The Pro Fit Wheelchair Headrest

    1. Using a 3/16 allen wrench, loosen hinge bolts. Tapping, if necessary, on the bolt in order to loosen up the hinge joint.

    pro fit headrest adjustment 1

    2. Adjust the side panels and re-tighten the bolts

    pro fit wheelchair headrest adjustment 2

    Headrest Adapter Plate

    pro fit adapter plate

    With the optional adapter plate you can switch headrests without modifying the back. Supports the following types, but not all: Whitmyer (flip down and standard), Millers, Freedom Designs (center knob not-supported), AEL (10 – 32 thread), Stealth, AES, Otto Bock (10 – 32 thread & M6 metric thread), CRE (2 inch square).

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    If you need assistance or have questions about the pro fit headrest, please feel free to call or contact Neck Solutions.