Enjoy Total Body Comfort And Support With The Pregnancy Body Pillow

Great for pregnancy and recommended by Parenting Magazine, the pregnancy body pillow is perfect for pregnant women who need a comfortable sleeping position. The pregnancy body pillow is also a great aid to a nursing mother when holding and feeding her baby.

Pregnancy Body Pillow

With an extra long design and comfortable filling option, you can enjoy total comfort and relaxation with the pregnancy body pillow!

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Pillow Case Colors

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Decrease the need for tossing and turning as the pregnancy body pillow offers total body support.

This is a high quality and durable body pillow made with a generous 5 1/2 foot, (66"L x 10"W) cylindrical shape designed that conforms naturally to the body for sleeping in the best possible position for pregnancy; the semi-fetal curl. Very soft and comforting, the pregnancy body pillow is made from 100% cotton and comes with anti-microbial fiber fill which molds to support all parts of your body.

As you sleep, the pregnancy body pillow helps to align your body to reduces pain and muscle stress. It encourages a healthy sleeping position so important during pregnancy. In fact, before, during and after, this is a great body pillow for anyone who seeks added comfort and posture support during rest and sleep.

Pregnancy Body Pillow Fill - Staph Check - Uses microvent soft ticking which is fluid proof, fire proof, anti-microbial and easily cleaned with with a moist sponge.

The pregnancy body pillow is also designed for home health care, long term care, and for people with disabilities. Pregnancy not required - this pillow has helped thousands of patients with therapeutic comfort during difficult times.

Great as a General Purpose Body Pillow!Often recommended by health care professionals for proper body support and can benefit neck and back problems, sleeping disorders, post operative recovery, geriatric care as well as pregnancy and nursing.

The pillow case is made of pure, 100% cotton which is custom fitted, washable and features hidden zippers. The pillow case is available in the following colors: White, Natural (unbleached), Light Blue, Forest Green and Burgundy.

More than just a pregnancy body pillow!

  • Relieve back stress.
  • Improve hip, shoulder, and spine alignment.
  • Relieve bones and joins from compression.
  • Replaces multiple positioning pillows.
  • Reduces bedsores through weight distribution and improves blood circulation.

If you need assistance or have questions regarding the pregnancy body pillow or pillow case options, please feel free to contact Neck Solutions.