The PostureMedic Posture Brace Is A Training Tool & Postural Correction System

This posture brace is a powerful way to help correct posture. It uses a system of bands that really work to stretch the muscles around the chest and shoulders, holding firmly in place. Additionally, you can use the posturemedic brace to stretch, strengthen and stabilize the postural muscles for rehabilitation. < read more>

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Brace Size & Strength


Use the size chart to determine size. Click here to see a larger size chart. There are 2 strengths. Most users should get the Regular strength. Choose the Plus strength if you are overweight, have a very large chest size to support, if you do strengthening training 3 to 4 times/week or are very athletic.

Using The PostureMedic Posture Brace

Good posture is a key element to reducing musculoskeletal pain and helping to prevent future problems. The spine is subject to forces directly related to posture. Alignment of the head, neck and shoulders effects attempts to relieve neck pain, and back posture effects lower back pain as well as mid back pain.

This is not a typical posture brace. While it is not easy to disguise under clothing, it is not meant to be used more than 30 minutes at a time. When you first start, only use the posture brace for 15 minutes at a time, about 3 or 4 times/day. You can gradually increase the time for the fist month. The PostureMedic Brace should be comfortable and there should be no pinching, pain or tingling in the arms, or you need a larger size.

The brace will place a force body increasing awareness of better posture as you move, sit and stand. You can use the brace when driving and sitting like working at a computer, while keeping within the limits of use. Moreover, you can also use the PostureMedic Brace for stretching, strengthening and stabilizing postural muscles for long term benefits. The Posture Medic is a great posture solution and is easy to incorporate into your life style.

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The Posturemedic Posture Brace System

The brace, also known as the Posture Perfector, not only gives immediate results when putting it on, it can be used as a system of rehabilitation to promote long term postural health. You can progress through stages of stretching, strengthening and stabilizing according to your needs and ability. The video is without sound, but the first part is stretching, followed by strengthening, then stabilization. There is enough text to get a good idea of the basic program and you get instructions with the brace.

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With the PostureMedic Posture Brace, you can address balance of the main upper body postural muscles. From years of poor posture, muscle imbalance occurs the tonic muscle which hold posture become tight and over-contracted, while the phasic muscles which balance and assist movement dynamically become weak and over-stretched. The imbalance results in the hunched posture seen frequently in many individuals. Using the PostureMedic Brace, you can stretch tonic muscles and strengthen phasic muscles to achieve long lasting effects, beyond actually wearing the brace.

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The brace is versatile enough to use as a neck exerciser to do some of the exercises/stretches that directly balance neck muscles.

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