A Unique Philadelphia Collar Provides Both Firm Support And Comfort.

Using a combination of properties, the Philadelphia cervical collar affords rigid stabilization in comfort not found with the usual hard plastic material.

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Measuring & Sizing Chart

Measure Collar Height

Width (neck circumference)

Height (chin to sternal notch)

Small (10 – 12 in)

2 & 1/4 in

3 & 1/4 in

4 & 1/4 in

5 & 1/4 in

Medium (13 – 15 in)

2 & 1/4 in

3 & 1/4 in

4 & 1/4 in

5 & 1/4 in

Large (16 – 18 in)

2 & 1/4 in

3 & 1/4 in

4 & 1/4 in

5 & 1/4 in

A small size collar for pediatric use comes in a 8 – 11 in. circumference with 2 and 1/4 in. height. Special order – allow additional time.

To find the width or circumference, take measurement around the neck – this is the collar CIRCUMFERENCE size and is taken around the adams apple. If between sizes, choose the larger.

To find the height, take measurement from the tip of the chin, in a straight line, to the top of the sternum or sternal notch. This is the collar HEIGHT. If between sizes, choose the smaller.

How To Apply The Philadelphia Cervical Collar

how to apply the philadelphia collar

A) Position the back part of the collar around the neck.

B) Then position the front half of the collar in place on the neck overlapping it with the back portion as the chin rests in the recessed area.

C) Fasten the velcro straps securely.


The special properties of the cervical collar are using a plastic with high durability attached to softer non-allergenic and resilient foam. This makes the collar feel softer and more comfortable than the traditional hard plastic used in most philadelphia collars. This, along with holes for ventilation, greatly improves comfort for the user. The collar is resistant to liquids and cleans easily with mild soap and water.

comfort philadelphia colar

Comprised of 2 separate parts, it is applied in the front and back of the neck and attaches with Velcro at the sides. Typical uses for this collar are after fusion surgery, significant strain of the neck muscles, sprain of the neck ligaments or after fractures, all of which can cause instability of the cervical spine.

The contours of this special collar area molded for a supportive and comfortable fitting at the shoulders, neck and around the chin.

The front and back portions fit together to provide a stabilizing support, so it immobilizes the neck properly. Nerve inflammation, fractures, reduced dislocations, post halo body jacket – specific conditions for use should be assessed by doctor.

The amount of time for application and duration should also be determined by your doctor. Making changes to the collar is not advised. It should tightly around the neck which may cause hematomas or interfere with blood circulation or compress sensitive nerve structures.

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  • Firm Stabilization, Yet Quite Comfortable
  • Neck Immobilization: Short or Long Term
  • Very Light Weight & Easy To Use
  • Latex Free and MRI Compatible
  • Trachea Opening In Front Alleviates Heat And Moisture
  • Three Adjustable Sizes In 4 Different Heights
  • Front And Back Durable Plastic Limits Motion
  • Trachea Opening Provides Easy Access For Carotid Pulse And Tracheotomies
  • 2 Piece Shell Featuring Contours
  • Adjustable Chin Support Provides Airway Management
  • Resistant To Water For Bathing And Aquatic Therapy

Using front and back reinforcements, the philadelphia collar provide superior stabilization, ensuring cervical spine immobilization.

    Basic Indications:

  • Nerve Root Irritation
  • Stable/Simple Fractures
  • Reduced Dislocations
  • Transitioning From Halo Body Jacket

open trachea philadelphia collar

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If you need assistance with ordering the Philadelphia Collar, please feel free to contact Neck Solutions.