Kool N Fit Pain Relief Spray Is A Proven, All-Natural Pain Relief Topical Containing Over A Dozen Herbal Ingredients.

Kool-n-fit pain relief spray was developed over 100 years ago and is a very effective and fast acting pain relief spray. It is a vasodialator, increasing blood flow by 30% after 60 minutes. It relaxes muscles, is anti-inflammatory as well as antiseptic. Our Pro Pack is for users who are familiar with the great benefits. Use in your clinic or at home.

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The pain relief spray is used by chiropractors, physical therapists and massage therapists to relax muscle prior to an adjustment, with ultrasound therapy or therapeutic massage. Easy to use, just spray it on – no rubbing required, and will not stain clothes. After 2 minutes, your skin is totally dry.

It is specifically a pain relief spray and not a counter-irritant like many topical pain products, so it actually takes the sting out of sunburn. Because it increases circulation, it is good for restless legs and helps to relieve muscle cramps, so if you are awakened at night with a cramp, just spray it on and go back to sleep.

Kool-N-Fit has 15 different natural ingredients, using alcohol and de-ionized water as a carrier. It uses camphor, menthol and 12 herbal oils. The oils give the spray some lubrication for massage and deep tissue therapy, but will dry in 2 minutes with no messy clean up.

It is a potent topical, all-natural, hypo-allergenic formulation which provides quick, deeply penetrating and efficient relief of pain intended for muscles and joints. It is great for joint inflammation of arthritis, simple lower back pain, fibromyalgia syndrome, neck pain along with other pains and muscle strains. The spray is effortless to utilize and needs no massaging with no mess or residue. It possesses a rejuvenating aroma therapy fragrance and also provides a sense of well being. Apply on the skin and let the deeply penetrating actions work with virtually no irritation or even inflammation of your skin.

Decrease your warm up routine as the pain relieving spray increases blood flow as well as helps recovery after a work out. The spray is actually light as well as fresh, vanishing nearly on contact. It feels somewhat tingly and also slightly warming without being overpowering, dulling the discomfort. It’s mild herbal aroma is calming, as well. A solution for stiff, sore and fatigued muscles after a hard day at work or at play.

Pain Relief Spray Additional Uses

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For a chest cold, help relieve symptoms by at night by rolling up a towel, heating in a microwave for a couple minutes, the apply the spray on your chest, covering with the hot towel and and get a great night of sleeping.

Spray directly into a hot bath to help relaxation as well as recuperation from a long day or working or after a strenuous workout.

Help relieve tension headaches by spraying on sore neck and shoulder muscles, and even use on your forehead and temple areas.

If you have symptoms of restless leg that keep you up at nighttime, try spraying kool n fit on the leg and go back to sleep.

If night cramps keep you awake, just spray on and go back to sleep, so, keep a bottle handy beside your bed for quick relief.

Skin irritation from sunburn or insect bites will find soothing relief with just a couple of sprays.

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