The Orthopedic Travel Pillow Offers Neck Comfort And Support For Traveling Or Just Relaxing

It helps relax your neck muscles by supporting your neck and head. The orthopedic design gently contours to your neck and shoulders, offering complete support all around for a happy neck.


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Orthopedic Travel Pillow: $49.99
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The Orthopedic Travel Pillow gently conforms to sore neck and shoulders, allowing a slight traction effect which helps in the relaxation of muscles and better posture permitting alleviation of tension and stress. Supporting both sides of the neck by extending over the shoulders, it is a very soft and comfortable pillow for travel or home use.

Each Pillow is constructed with hypo-allergenic fill surrounded by a soft, comforting cover to produce a pillow that has a luxurious feel. Easy to clean, just place the entire pillow in a washing machine, you do not even have to remove the cover!

Designed by an orthopedic surgeon for comfort and stress relief, it has an anatomical shape and fine quality materials which provides comfort and relief.

Orthopedic Travel Pillow Multiple Uses

Orthopedic Travel Pillow Features

  • Orthopedically designed by a surgeon for comfort and pain relief
  • Relaxing for neck and shoulders
  • Anatomical design contours to neck as well as shoulders
  • Provides stability and support for the neck for resting and sleeping
  • Ideal size and lightweight for traveling
  • Utilizers a very soft, comfortable terrycloth cover with hypo-allergenic fiber fill
  • Measures 13.8″ by 3.9″ by 10.2″

Use for sleeping, watching TV, reading, airplane travel and in the car.

orthopedic travel pillow

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