Orthopedic Neck Pillow

Orthopedic Neck Pillow Using Different Ergonomic Shapes Incorporated Into One Pillow To Sleep On Your Back Or Side With The Correct Spinal Alignment And Comfort

This is a unique pillow that is designed to properly support the head and neck when back sleeping and side sleeping. Most people sleep in the center of their pillow when they sleep on their backs, the center of the orthopedic neck pillow is designed specifically for back sleeping with a special upper back wedge and neck roll incorporated into the pillow for superior comfort and support. When side sleeping, the sides of the pillow are designed to support the neck and shoulder with increased height and shoulder accommodation.

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Sizing For Orthopedic Neck Pillows

The pillow comes in 5 sizes: children (6 – 10), small, medium, large, and extra large. While you should always consider your shape and build in choosing a size, you can measure to get a proper fit. By measuring your neck to shoulder length, you are assured the best fit just for you.

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The unique combination of therapeutic, non toxic medium density foam and the special design in the pillows create a comfortable, yet supportive feel to help ease pressure on the cervical spine. There are distinct sections for back and side sleeping to ensure the most ergonomically correct posture in either position. This takes some getting used too if you have been sleeping on standard or even contoured pillows.

Symptoms resulting from incorrect posture between the upper back, neck and head due sleeping on a pillow which does not provide proper support can be neck pain and stiffness, loud snoring, tingling/numbness in the hand or arm and headaches. The orthopedic pillow helps to alleviate this by cradling the upper back, neck and head in a more appropriate sleeping posture to reduce unwanted stress and strain on spinal structures.

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If the head is too high or too low in relation to the rest of the body, the neck can be placed under stress. Similar problems can occur if the head is allowed to roll too far sideways when sleeping on your back. This causes an imbalance in the soft tissue structures such as the muscles, tendons, ligaments and discs, as well as spinal misalignment. Over time, this imbalance can lead to neck problems like spasm, stiffness, headaches, and arthritis. These orthopedic pillows are a great solution to this common problem.

Orthopedic Neck Pillow Details

  • Maintains proper alignment of the head and neck in the side and back sleeping positions.

  • Keeps the head from rotating too far in the back sleeping position.

  • Maintains correct head position and neck curve while back sleeping.

  • Upper back wedge, neck roll, head cradle and side portions offer superior comfort for painful conditions

  • Great for stabilization after whiplash injuries, surgical procedures that maintain lordosis, and chronic conditions that have not responded to traditional pillows.
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These orthopedic neck pillow is engineered for relief of neck pain! Three functions incorporated into one orthotic pillow with correct heights for back and side sleeping. Therapeutic foam for stability and a unique orthopedic thoracic and cervical sections to support the proper neck curvature to help correct loss of curve or military neck as well as helping to reduce head forward posture. It is a long term approach, but can be used as a neck pain therapy pillow in conjunction with our quick posture correction devices. The head cradle portion in the side sleeping section allows jaw pain sufferers to comfortably sleep on their side.

Doctors Note:

These are really nice pillows and I am very impressed with the comfort and stability. The foam materials are high quality and made in Canada, not a cheaper quality import. I use the Posture Med Memory Foam Pillow for my condition which is chronic degenerative disc disease. When I have an acute flare-up of my condition or when I am having higher than normal levels of pain, I use the orthopedic pillow as part of an alternating pillow strategy for neck pain. I have found those who say this is the only pillow they can sleep with, after they start using it. The superior materials and design make these stable and comfortable pillows recommended by many spinal specialists to aid in relief, recovery and rehabilitation.

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On your back: With no firm support, your head and neck are prone to being pushed forward. Your neck is stretched out of alignment. This creates neck, back and shoulder pain, headaches and increases the chances of snoring.

On your side: Your neck and head are too easily stretched out of alignment because a traditional pillow is too low. Your spine is not kept level which can aggravate neck, back and shoulder problems.

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Achieving correct support without using orthopedic pillows can be a problem since back and side sleeping are the preferred position for most individuals, one pillow usually does not support correct height when changing positions. When changing from the back to the side position, the head needs to be slightly higher to avoid distortion of the neck due to the shoulder. This is evident when some individuals will consciously or subconsciously place a hand or part of the arm under the pillow to balance this out when side sleeping.

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Using the orthopedic neck pillow in the back sleeping position, the head not only needs to be supported at the right height, but prevented from tilting forward and restricting air passages which can cause snoring, or from rolling to the side which can put rotational stress on the neck resulting in muscle soreness and joint pain. The upper back is naturally supported by the extension piece and the neck is properly aligned in relation to the head.

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