The Neck Traction Collar Is A Cervical Traction Device That Can Assistance Restricted Muscles, Minimize Joint As Well As Nerve Pressure

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Will fit neck measurements 11.5 to 21.5 inches wide in 5 width measurements. Measure around neck. If between 2 sizes, please select larger size neck traction collar.

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The Neck Traction Collar works extremely well while watching Television, when using the computer, reading, standing for long periods as well as traveling. It offers support as well as being a beneficial cervical traction device to assist with neck problems, muscular spasm and also pinched nerves.

This is a favorite air powered neck traction collar type unit, manufactured from light-weight flexible rubber bladders together with comfortable fabric contact regions at the top as well as bottom support locations.

The Neck Traction Collar offers secure, structurally appropriate traction and gives the head and also neck essential support in full ease and comfort, since the force is distributed equally and also delicately using a progressive release of traction force after therapy. Easy to put on as well as a handy cervical traction device regarding older people in addition to easily transportable, light-weight and easy for traveling.

The Neck Traction Collar is a cervical traction device which is ideal for people that devote long hours performing desk work, operating a laptop or computer, watching TV or even any activity in which the emphasis of your head and neck is in a forward and down posture for very long amounts of time. The cervical traction device can be utilized using the notch right in front to get highly effective, and delicate levels of traction force or the collar switched using the flat area in-front to get more support.

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A user friendly hand-held inflation bulb fills up the cervical traction device using air as the traction force supplies a mild stretch for the neck which can be managed for your comfort level, pain relief as well as support.

Suggested with regards to muscle pressure as well as stiffness, neck pain relief, arthritis, compressed nerve, neck associated headaches, degenerative discs as well as joints and also encourages better neck posture attention and re-education.

Anytime you require relief from restricted and stiff neck muscles, joint and nerve pressure or you sense a headache coming on, just place the cervical traction device about your neck just as you would with typical cervical collars as well as pump the inflating bulb until you sense an appropriate traction. This stretching out that the cervical traction device provides carefully calms down restricted muscles, reduces joint as well as nerve tension and props up head. It can be able to over to one hundred and ten pounds of traction force and made using a light-weight rubberized covered with delicate fabric at upper and lower ends.

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Actively works to traction as well as partition the joints of the neck to eliminate nerve stress as well as assist the muscle tissue and also ligaments supporting the head. Inadequate neck posture is usually managed through muscle tightness as well as fixations of the joints. The neck traction collar assists release these restricted muscles and joints.

The neck traction collar provides stretching for the neck, however will not restrict or even place stress into the neck. If used properly, you shouldn’t experience discomfort right after use, nonetheless, as with every stretching program, you should begin easy and build up little by little. If discomfort arises, you have to decrease the time and power of use. If discomfort elevates or for pre-existing problems, consult your medical doctor

The pressure discharge valve situated on the inflation bulb permits the air to completely deflate from the cervical traction device using a simple twisting of a button.

You need to enable your head to relax back on the neck traction collar while you inflate it which places the actual stretch on the rear of your head and off the chin. Anyone with jaw, tmj problems, or dental issues should get in touch with their health care specialist prior to utilizing.

The Neck Traction Collar is an ideal solution for individuals with neck issues to make use of both at home and work.

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Neck Traction Collar Instructions:

1. Place the Neck Traction Collar carefully about your neck, and attach the velcro closures on the top and bottom. You should experience absolutely no pain of any type. Make sure there is absolutely no compressing feeling in your neck.

2. Sit up directly, and also rest your back in the seat. Keep your head directed forward looking out at eye-level. Pump the bulb until you experience an easy stretch on the neck. Let the rear of the head relax easily back inside the device. Relax your muscles. Pump it once again using progressive amounts, until you experience an enjoyable stretch.

3. At this point you’re all set for the last stage. Discharge the valve and gradually release the air slowly from the cervical traction device, just a little at a time.

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Using The Cervical Traction Device

You are going to attain the ideal results with regular applications. Start your application using brief traction periods (3-5 minutes each). After the initial 7 days, you may slowly raise the level of pressure, and length of the traction periods by a few minutes. Sessions with the cervical traction device should always be comfortable. If you notice increase pain or signs and symptoms coming back, reduce the duration of your treatment. Take things slowly and gradually initially for maximum benefits.

portable neck traction collarWhen you find yourself able to prolong stretching times to longer periods of 10 to 20 minutes, always use the lowest amount of force that also provides a simple stretch. Stronger traction should always be for shorter periods of time 3 to 5 minutes, and for those who are used to the collar.

Use this cervical traction device anytime you like as you’re watching Television, working on laptops or computers, studying, travel, reclining as well as relaxing.

Careful attention: Don’t sleep using it on or use as being a neck brace with regard to current neck injury or wherever swelling exists.

Frequency: The largest period of time for any traction period is 20 minutes. Nonetheless, you are able to steadily build up to performing 4 treatments each day. Note: Only increase the periods if the traction force continues to be pleasant, and also symptoms don’t escalate.

Warning: If you feel lightheaded, dizzy, nauseous as well as encounter any other kind of discomfort while using the Neck Traction Collar, slowly and gradually discharge the air, and go over these types of signs and symptoms together with your doctor. Don’t use when walking or driving, using potentially harmful devices, as well as around sharp items.

Utilization Lying Down: To make use of the neck traction collar when lying down, place a cushion under the head creating a room for the collar under the neck for ease and comfort.

Note: You might originally experience a smell of the natural rubber (latex). Over time it will go away once your cervical traction device is removed from the protecting covering and it is exposed to fresh air. Some individuals can’t get accustomed to this or are allergic, and it is suggested checking out a latex free traction unit like the air neck traction or cervical traction collar.

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If you need assistance or have questions regarding the neck traction collar, please feel free to contact Neck Solutions.