This Neck Exerciser Is An Effective System To Strengthen Muscles

This is a home neck exerciser unit which incorporates isotonic activity against an adjustable resistance mechanism. This system produces a gentle stimulation and mobilization of the neck, increasing strength which can be essential to providing long term pain relief.

Neck System Exerciser

Neck System Exerciser: $129.99
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This is a well built and designed tool recommended to build up muscle stability, help heal ligaments, and provide motion to tight, stiff joints, the neck exerciser is a system that can strengthen your neck and shoulder muscles, thereby working to improve your posture and stabilize weakened supporting muscles.

Using The Neck Exerciser System

Easily mounts over any door and requires no tools, screws, or other hardware. Customize your neck exercises with adjustable height control and resistance levels to achieve greater results.

It is a hands free system to improve performance of all the recommended exercises described here and allow additional exercises to strengthen the front and sides of the neck as you progress. Use isotonic and isometric exercises to increase the functional strength and endurance of the neck muscles while maintaining proper neck posture.

Advantages Of The Neck Exerciser System

This takes the place of ball exercises described in the neck stability exercises book. Usually done with the use of an 8″ inflatable ball against a wall, however, this allows more control, greater comfort, better stability and a more consistent and graduated workout.

With adjustable height and resistance levels, padded headrest and easy to travel with and install, now you have an effective way to condition and strengthen neck muscles affected by injury, weakness, or postural deficits.

If doing neck exercises at home has been difficult or just plain old boring, this is the perfect solution.

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Neck System Exerciser: $129.99
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