Neck Strengthening Exercises Easy To Use Kit For Improving Muscle Strength & Reducing Concussion Risks In Athletes

Improving neck muscle strength is important in rehabilitation of injuries, to improve neck function as a means to alleviate pain, as well as reducing concussion risks in contact sports like football. This kit includes all you need to increase the strength of your neck in just 5 – 10 minutes a day, 3 – 4 times per week. It is an effective way to perform neck strengthening exercises using the kit that includes a head harness, bands and connectors, along with an illustrated manual of exercises.

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Studies show exercises for neck pain to be one of the most effective methods for obtaining relief. Postural problems lead to muscles that are weak and overstretched, and this is the case for many who suffer from whiplash injuries of the cervical spine. I frequently tell those who are looking for better pillows or traction devices, that one cannot expect a single product to produce optimal results. It is important, along with using a supportive pillow or a decompressive device like a home traction unit, to take an active role in helping their condition by using sound ergonomics at work and home, along with instituting some type of exercise program. Exercising does not have to be complicated, nor does it require the use of special equipment, however; it is important to ad this type of home treatment to your arsenal for neck pain relief.

The neck strengthening exercises kit is a great way condition the neck for rehabilitation and to prevent future injuries. Exercise equipment can help with motivation and to increase compliance and efficiency of doing the exercises. Kit includes protective glasses. Bands contain latex.

neck strengthening exercises kit
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Benefits Of Neck Strengthening Exercises

Strengthening the neck muscles is not done following an injury, where inflammation is present or when there are unstable conditions in the cervical spine. When you are ready, you can strengthen the neck effectively with this neck strengther kit. Using the bands, you can progress steadily until you achieve your goals, or as prescribed by a doctor, therapist or athletic trainer.

An important aspect of neck strengthening is the effect it can have to help reduce the risk of concussion for athletes. This has been a major issue in football, but occurs in other sports as well. Scientific studies indicate neck strengthening can benefit participants in sports by reducing concussion risks. A study in the 2014 issue of the Journal Of Primary Prevention indicates that each 1 pound increase in neck strengthening decreases the chances of sports related concussion by 5%.

Safe and correct neck strengthening exercises are important, and the neck strengthening exercises kit provides this. It can not only help with neck conditions that need rehab, but can also help to reduce spinal compression injuries, a cause of serious neck conditions that can lead to a lifetime of pain, suffering and disability. These exercises are able to be done at home using a door to hold the bands. The simple exercise equipment allows controlled and smooth resistance that is able to be adjusted to your particular needs or level of ability. The benefits also extend to increase sports specific increase in reaction time as well as strength.

While there are other factors involved in reducing concussion risks, like protective equipment and anticipating and bracing for an impact, neck strengthening is a factor that should not be overlooked. Increasing the neck’s strength can help prevent the amount the head rocks after an impact, so this may also have benefit for whiplash protection.

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Brian Hagen of the UPMC Center for Sports Medicine, who demonstrates use of the neck strengthening exercises kit above, along with The Penguins Foundation and have a program for concussion awareness, “Heads Up Pittsburgh”, helping young atheletes reduce concussion injuries.