Neck And Shoulder Wrap Used For Heat And Ice Therapy

Available in 2 sizes and shapes, the neck shoulder wrap offers anatomically correct heat and ice therapy in one convenient wrap.

neck and shoulder wrapTherapeutic heat applications are known to benefit muscle strain, joint sprain, tendon pain as well offering a relaxing therapeutic treatment for stress relief. Therapeutic cold treatments help to reduce inflammation and can reduce healing time as well as decrease pain from injuries

The neck and shoulder wrap will provide these therapies in one easy to use wrap that fits perfectly on the neck and shoulders. A fastening system ensures a secure fit and lets you relax without having to constantly adjust the wrap. They utilize a non-toxic gel fill for peace of mind. It is also eco-friendly and will maintain therapeutic temperatures for longer periods of time than typical ice and heat packs.

Either of these make a great therapeutic tool to keep around the house or office, especially if you have been experiencing neck and shoulder pain. They are comfortable, using a special protective cover that is easy on the skin, will not produce frost and the design and shape offers a snug fit around the neck and shoulders.

The special cover uses a plush type material on one side for a slower releasing of the therapeutic heat or ice, and the other side provides a more rapid releasing treatment for quicker results.

Heats conveniently in the microwave and will remain both pliable and soft when frozen.

There are a variety of way to apply ice packs for neck pain, as well as heat therapy to relieve pain for both acute and chronic problems. The neck and shoulder wrap offers 2 different options to suit your needs; a one piece design which targets primarily the neck area, and a three section wrap for using heat or cold to the neck and shoulder areas.

Available in 2 configurations: one designed for the neck and a 3 section shape which is perfect for applying heat and ice to both the neck and shoulders.

The one piece neck wrap is contoured and measures 6 by 20 inches, using a 12 inch strap. The three piece neck and shoulder wrap provides a unique design and measures 9 by 16 inches, using an 18 inch strap.

Neck Wrap: $49.99
Neck and Shoulder Wrap: $49.99

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Both are microwavable and you should use caution when heating to avoid overheating. Basically, you heat it in the microwave for 30 seconds on high setting. Use the back of your palm to check the temperature, since ovens heat differently, and you can press the wrap, kneading it to spread the gel around. If needed, you can continue to heat it, checking it every 10 seconds, repeating the kneading, until the best temperature is reached. Weighs 3-4 pounds. If you need something lighter, try the flexible neck & shoulder wrap.

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