Neck Shoulder Heating Pad Providing Moist Heat With U shaped Design

A reliable medical grade neck shoulder heating pad. The U shape conforms to the neck and shoulder area for a relaxing experience. Electric digital control for continuous pain relief. <read more>

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Digital, Electric Moist Heating Pad perfect for sore neck and shoulder muscles. Moist heat under your complete control for a totally relaxing and therapeutic experience. A popular design with electric power that requires no heating in a microwave or boiling water mess. Heat therapy offers a comforting way to ease pain from tense neck and shoulder muscles after a stressful day at the office. Helps to reduce inflammation with chronic, painful conditions involving muscles, ligaments and joints. Just plug it in, wrap around your neck and shoulders, and you are ready to relax.

How The Neck Shoulder Heating Pad Works

The Neck Shoulder Heating Pad develops moist heat by using moisture from the air, so you do not have to supply water. Features an LCD readout control so you can select the time and temperature settings just right for you. Target the neck and shoulders with the special u shaped design, measuring 8″ by 32″ to provide soothing therapy for any size individual.

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This is a great moist heating pad for neck and shoulder pain. No need to mess with a microwave, just plug it in and the electric sources moist heat for sore neck and shoulder muscles. Great control of heating, producing a moist heat which is beneficial for muscles, arthritis and degenerative conditions. Electric control of the moist heat is right at your fingertips!

Features Of The Neck Shoulder Heating Pad

Controlled moist heat for temporary pain relief associated with neck and shoulder muscle strains and sprains, joint pain and inflammation.

  • Temporary relief from neck and shoulder pain form overworked muscles, strain and stress
  • Requires not water – develops mist heat from surrounding humidity
  • Digital readout for easy monitoring of treatment time and temperature
  • Locking feature safeguards accidental changing of controls
  • Adjustable to stop in one minute intervals for up to 1 hour
  • Automatically shuts off at 15 minutes
  • Comes with a comfortable u shape fleece cover for extra comfort
  • One year warranty
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