Neck Savior Traction Without Pumps, Cords Or Collars For A Gentle, Effective Stretch To Help With Neck Pain Relief, Headaches & Posture

This form of neck stretching is called traction, often employed by health care professionals to aid in relief of pain syndromes related to the neck, such as tension, stiff muscles, spasms, disc problems, headaches, and arthritis. Neck Savior is a natural method that may reduce the use of pain medications.

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Neck Savior provides traction forces up to 25 pounds. Force can be modified according to reclining angle and type of surface used. The levels of traction provide a light traction force, being at the lower range of medically oriented traction. This type of therapy is designed for reducing pressure on irritated facet joints, bulging discs and reduce nerve pinching. Traction can also stretch the ligaments and muscles and increase circulation to structures deep in the neck.

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The neck saviour weighs about 2 ounces, making it easy to use when traveling, requiring no assembling, batteries or pumps. A versatile neck stretching device that can be used in different positions to provide relief for any size neck. Using quality foam, the materials are designed to last for years with proper care. Take neck savior to the office, beach, gym, park or use in the comfort of your own home.

With short and long neck options, you can also choose between light (white side up) and strong (black side up) traction forces according to your comfort level. This is provided by 4 sides with layered foam tension. Try all 4 options to find the ones to use at various times and/or according to your condition. It measures approximately 10 x 9 x 1 inches and comes with backpack style carry case & instructions. Check out the New Mini Version!

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Using Neck Savior

The neck saviour is activated by simply folding it by hand, or use your leg or trunk to assist. Just lay on your back, placing the folded device with the open end up under your neck. Relax fully on the neck savior, then let go. One end is at the top of the neck, while the bottom part is at the top of the shoulders. You can make small adjustments by simply turning and bending the head slightly to either side for maximum positioning comfort. Start out with short sessions of a few minutes, then progress up to 20 minutes per session, 3 times per day, or as prescribed by a health care professional.

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You should experience a stretch that is comfortable, with no pain. There may be some mild levels of discomfort only at first, when getting used to traction, however, no increase in symptoms should be felt. There is a moderate level of pressure felt where the device makes contact at the base of the head/top of neck and the top of the shoulder muscles.

For proper care, keep it stored in a flat position with nothing heavy or sharp on it or near it. Clean with a disinfectant that is skin friendly and let it dry.

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Traction is not for everyone. It is not for recent injuries, inflammatory conditions, circulatory conditions or malignancy. If you experience increase of symptoms, nausea, dizziness, vision problems or any unusual symptoms, discontinue use and consult a doctor. If you have pre-existing conditions, consult your doctor regarding the use of neck savior.

If you need assistance or have questions regarding neck saviour, please feel free to call or contact Neck Solutions.