Neck Roll Pillows Provide Support And Comfort

Most neck support rolls are for positioning and support for the neck, but can also be used for the back, under the knees and ankles. A new variety of neck roll pillows provide a wider range of uses providing and extra measure of therapeutic benefit and comfort.

The comfort neck roll is a soft, yet supportive pillow. The wide and soft design make it a good choice as a sleeping pillow. It has a cool fiber fill and is well built for durability. An advantage of neck roll pillows is that they are easy to travel with and can serve the function of supportive back pillows when sitting as well.

Comfort Neck Roll Pillow
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Memory Foam Neck Roll
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Adjustable Neck Roll
adjustable neck roll pillow

Inflatable Neck Roll Pillow
inflatable neck roll pillow

Foam Neck Roll Pillows
foam neck roll pillow

The adjustable neck roll provides custom support and the most unique inflation system of the neck roll pillows, while the standard inflatable neck roll is a favorite for placing in the bottom of standard pillows, inside the pillowcase, providing support for the neck. The foam neck roll pillows offer a variety of sizes and options.

A favorite of the neck roll pillows uses memory foam and, along with the adjustable, offers a hot/cold pack insert for heat and cold therapy with many uses in comfort and injury recovery. The memory foam neck roll employs a therapeutic foam core surrounded by memory foam. This helps provide both stability and comfort, adding a unique approach with neck support rolls.

Benefits Of Neck Roll Pillows

Neck roll pillows offer a variety of sizes and choices of firmness to fit many needs. From extra support while sleeping, to replacing a standard pillow, to therapeutic benefits like heat and cold. Additionally, memory foam in neck support rolls is comforting and accommodating, making it a favorite of the neck roll pillows for years. The firmer roll support pillows can be used, along with exercises, to help restore the normal cervical curve in a relaxing and comforting way.

The ease of use of these roll support pillows when traveling means you can relax while traveling in comfort. Use as a neck or back support and have the benefit of a simple and easy to use means of therapy for your neck or back after and during long hours of traveling.

Using a roll shape allows these pillows to help in the restoration of the normal curve in the neck. While lying on your back, a roll that supports the natural curve promotes relaxation of the muscles and optimal positioning of the bones to minimize nerve pressure.

After a long day at the office, at a desk or driving, the neck muscles can become stiff and fatigued. Lying down on a neck roll can help relieve this tension and provide therapy. Restoring the normal curve is a goal of many doctors in establishing better neck function. Take one of these neck roll pillows to work and use to support your back when sitting, then, when you get a break, lying down on the neck roll for 10 minutes can help rejuvenate your neck.

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