Neck Roll Pillow Using Healthy, Non-Toxic Comforting Memory Foam With Therapeutic Heat & Cold Therapy

neck roll pillowA Neck Roll Pillow is a popular and time tested method to provide support and comfort for the cervical spine. This adds to the therapeutic benefits by using the highest quality, soft and new healthy memory foam with the option to use a hot/cold pack for heat and/or cold therapy.

This unique neck roll provides an extra way to ease sore and stiff muscles and to reduce pain and inflammation from injuries such as whiplash or sprain and strain injuries. Helps restore and maintain normal head and neck posture. Also can be used as a therapeutic low back support cushion! <read more>

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Dimensions: 5.5 inches by 14 inches. Includes Pillow, Blue Cotton/Poly Blend Zippered Cover & Non Toxic Hot/Cold Pack - 9 inches x 4 inches.

Great for relieving tension related headaches, stiff & overworked muscles, acute and chronic neck injuries and even to help cool down hot flashes!

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This is no ordinary neck roll pillow!

It is not only very soft, soothing and comforting compared to those made with standard foam, it is very versatile in that the special PostureGel memory foam is easy on tense muscles as it surrounds your neck in healthy comfort with no off-gassing, pesticides and other chemicals associated with foam products such as formaldehyde. Additionally, the hot/cold pack is non-toxic and offers relaxing moist heat to increase circulation to tender, fatigued and overworked muscles, while the cold pack provides cooling relief for injured areas, reducing pain and swelling. It is not a firm type roll that forces your neck into a certain position. These types of rolls retain their cylindrical shape when you lay on them. The shape is more like an "o", when the shape of the cervical spine is actually like a "C". This neck roll maintains a C-shape as the foam gently conforms to your neck, adding a nice curve with no forcing to aggravate tender joints.

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A New Standard For Healthy Foam

chemical free non-toxic memory foam

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Utilizes high quality grade, 100% American Made PostureGel Memory Foam which is very soft, soothing, quick reacting and breathable due to its open-cell construction. Harmful chemicals and off-gassing can be exaggerated with heat, however, this is no longer a problem with this neck roll pillow. It is orthopedically designed for both comfort and therapeutic benefits. Often used in Chiropractic & Physical Therapy offices before and after treatment, now you can achieve and help maintain these benefits at home, office, during travel, anywhere and anytime.

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Neck Roll Pillow Details

Comes with a non toxic & biodegradable microwavable hot pack for heat therapy and it can be placed in a freezer to be used as an ice pack for cold therapy. It is a gel pack which is soft and pliable, yet durable for multiple uses. Heat in the microwave in about a minute or cool in the freezer or cooler on the road and just insert in the neck roll pillow. The memory foam adjusts to the form of therapy used without overcompensating to increase the therapeutic effects.

The PostureGel construction utilizing only top quality foam made in the U.S.A and not a mass produced cheap import, which often incorporates fillers to save money. By employing an open cell design, it will breathe and not sweat or crack like molded foam that has a skin on it. Conforming and accommodating, used with or without the heat & ice option. Combining all these beneficial qualities, you get a therapeutic neck roll pillow made to ease and comfort a variety of painful neck conditions.

The benefits do not end with home use, lying down, reclining or even just the neck. The size and compressive qualities makes it a great travel pillow. Use on the road to comfort your neck, fill in the gap of many new headrests, and even use as a comforting and therapeutic low back support when in a vehicle or at your destination.

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Neck Roll Pillow Features:

  • 100% PostureGel Healthy, Open Cell Therapeutic & Memory Foam
  • American Made Foam - Not Imported & Mass Produced
  • Removable 9 by 4 Inch Nontoxic Hot/Cold Microwavable Gel Pack
  • Gel Pack Heats In Microwave And Cooled In Freezer Or Cooler
  • Removable, Washable & Zippered Pillow Case - Durable 35/65 Cotton/Polyester Blend
  • Replacement Covers & Gel Packs Readily Available
  • Free Priority Shipping In USA!
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The memory foam in the pillow is less temperature sensitive than standard memory foam, yet still gently and quickly conforms to the shape of your neck. When the heat therapy is used, the memory foam helps retain the heat and also allows more molding to your neck, while the cold therapy can be used for recent injuries or flare-ups of old injuries and arthritis to decrease swelling or as a cooling pillow as the memory foam responds by providing more support.

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Neck Roll Pillow Instructions

It is simple to use the heat or cooling therapy for relief to the back of the head, neck, upper and lower back. It can also be used to soothe tired, achy feet or even treat a pulled hamstring muscle.

When using the Ice Pack feature: Place the gel pack in a freezer or cooler with ice until cooled or frozen according to preference or as instructed by your health care professional. When amount of cooling is achieved, simply unzip the pillowcase, place inside the pillow and zip it up.

When using the Hot Pack Feature: Place the gel pack in a microwave at low setting and heat for thirty seconds. When done, you can mix the gel around a bit and heat further if necessary. Microwave oven vary in wattage, so adjust accordingly. Once it has reached the correct amount of heating, unzip the pillowcase and insert inside the pillow, zip it up and you are ready to use. Use heat in accordance with preference or as prescribed by your health care provider.

Caution Using Hot Pack: The gel pack provides heat according to the microwave settings, time and wattage. This varies with each oven. If heated excessively, it could burn your skin. Test the heated gel pack prior to applying to treatment area, making sure it is Warm - Not Too Hot.


Zippered pillowcase is easily removed and washable, however, the memory foam should not be machine washed - use a damp cloth with water or mild soap, spot rinse and air dry away from direct sunlight. The cover is very protective for on the road.

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Healthy & Good For Environment

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