Neck Pain Solutions With Quality Products Used At Home

neck pain solutionsSeeking neck pain solutions, we can fortunately rely on technology and innovation to produce quality and effective products that can help. Some types of neck pain will require invasive measures like injections or surgery, however, most neck pain begins with issues related to posture and minor strains, which progress over time to more serious issues.

Neck pain is on the rise. With the advent of technology comes long hours or working at computers and using laptops, tablets and cellphones. Even much of leisure time is spent using these devices and it has negative effects on the health of the neck. With the addition of accidents, injuries and other jobs which require awkward neck postures.

Neck pain is a sign that something is wrong. If proper attention is given at the first signs of pain, it is possible not only to achieve neck pain relief, but to help prevent greater problems down the road. Let’s take a look at some neck pain solutions you can use at home with products designed to help achieve relief and improve the health of your neck into the future.

Neck Pain Solutions – Pillows

There are many types of pillows and many claims made by those who sell them. A good pillow for the neck will permit a good night’s sleep, while maintaining a relaxed and natural posture regardless of position. One of the best ways to get a good pillow is to do a little research on what the different types of neck pillows are trying to achieve.

Cervical Support Pillow
neck support pillow

Therapeutic Pillow
therapeutic neck pillow

Inflatable Pillow
inflatable pillow

It is important to have a wide selection of pillows, because everyone is built different and will have different needs. The best pillows maintain the natural alignment and this helps to relax muscles and reduce pressure on the joints and discs. Below are three very popular pillows that cover most needs. The therapeutic pillow uses separate areas for back and side sleepers and, by taking a simple measure, you can get the right pillow that will maintain support for the neck and upper back when back sleeping and keep this relaxed posture for the neck and shoulders when side sleeping. The cervical support pillow also uses separate areas, but has a section that can be used for stomach sleepers to prevent extreme rotation that can cause a stiff neck, irritate joints and stress discs. This leads to neck pain and headaches. These pillow that incorporate separate areas for different sleeping positions require conscious positioning when changing sleeping postures. For those who do not feel they can change positions in a conscious manner, there are many choices of pillows that have a uniform surface. We often recommend for those who have been searching for a pillow and have a closet full of cervical pillows they cannot use is an inflatable pillow. It has a uniform shape across the entire pillow, but can be adjusted for height, firmness and even shape. It also reacts naturally to changing positions without having to be conscious of how you change positions. This means you are not stuck with one shape, size and firmness that limits this aspect of neck pain solutions.

Neck Pain Solutions – Traction

There are many different products and range of prices for neck traction devices. This allows for traction that is safe and comfortable. Traction separates the bones of the cervical spin, helping to relieve pressure on joints and discs. It helps to relieve the pressure of gravity from the neck having to support the head. It also helps to relax muscles and can be used to rehab injuries. Often used for herniated discs and arthritis, there are devices that allow you to control the exact amount of force to obtain your own personal level of relief.

Neck Savior
neck savior

Home Neck Traction
home neck traction

Cervical Traction Collar
cervical traction collar

Above are some of the more popular traction products for home use. Traction can be also achieved by the use of special pillows that allow just the weight of the head and an ergonomic design to provide mild levels of traction. This can often help with restoring the natural curve of the neck. Other models are popular because they fit like collars and can be used when sitting. Some use these to help prevent the neck from being bent too far down when working. The TracCollar also uses separate left and right controls which can help with certain types of disc herniations, scoliosis and with rehabilitation of injuries. The home neck traction helps bring nutrition into the disc, while restoring the natural curve. The type depends of the level of traction needed to achieve neck pain relief and the desired effect regarding long term goals for restoring the normal shape of the cervical spine.

Neck Pain Solutions – Collars

The use of collars for the neck may be questioned by some health care professionals. In general, they range from those that completely immobilize to those that provide very little support, if any.

Cervical Neck Collar
cervical neck collar

Neck Brace
neck brace collar

Headmaster Collar
Used To Support Weak Neck Muscles

Neck collars may help to provide pain relief in circumstances when there is injury to the cervical spine. When traction is not indicated because of inflammation, softer collars can help provide relief by providing a measure of support to help relieve muscle spasm, providing protection from temperature extremes and permit a measure of emotional security. The neck brace is a very popular collar that uses space age technology to store and release heat when necessary. This allows a comfortable feel for use under many circumstances, making it a very versatile and well built collar. The orthopedic collar uses an ergonomic insert to provide an extra measure of support and protection. The adjustable collar provides a great measure of support, while maintaining comfort and is adjustable for both width and height. Choosing a collar depends on the level of support needed and should be measured from the collar bone to the chin, at the level of head tilt that is most comfortable, taking into account that softer collars will give some, so a size higher may be needed.

Neck Pain Solutions – Exercises

Exercising neck muscles is an important part of achieving neck pain relief. As opposed to other methods which are passive, active participation in strengthening weak neck muscles is a necessary part of any system to improve function as well as to relieve pain.

Neck Exercises Book
neck exercise book

Neck Exerciser
Neck Exerciser
Head Harness Strengthener
Used To Strengthen Neck Muscles

exercisesExercises do not have to be done using any particular product, however, some of these products are very good and provide a means of motivation that can help you comply with a regular routine. Some of the exercises are very simple, yet effective. The exercise that consists of bringing your head over the shoulders and then performing a nodding motion like you are motioning “yes”, helps to strengthen the deep muscles of the neck that are responsible for maintain the natural curve. When this is mastered, a stretching of the neck with rotating to either side can be done, and this helps to maintain range of motion and flexibility. Just doing the nodding motion has been shown to be one of the best methods to relieve neck pain and headaches. The neat thing about this is it can be done anywhere, even sitting at a computer or driving to provide therapy and relief. Some will need to progress to strengthening the neck and shoulder muscles in order to obtain long term relief. There are many exercises to choose from and products to help.

Neck Pain Solutions – Travel Pillows

Travel pillows are not only for travelling or on the road, but can be used at home to help when relaxing or reclining to help maintain comfort, support and posture.

Infused Travel Neck Pillows
aromatherapy travel pillows

Orthopedic Travel Pillow
Orthopedic Fiber Fill Travel Pillow

Better Neck Travel Pillow
better neck travel pillow

There are special versions of larger pillows to make using a good pillow easier for packing. The most popular of the travel pillows are the u-shaped or horseshoe shaped pillows. They make travelling in a car or just about any vehicle more neck friendly. They can also be used lying down. They get specialized with either a velcro strap for extra support, or some come with a hot/cold pack for an extra measure of therapy.

Neck Pain Solutions – Heating Pads

Heat is to be used carefully. If you have an injury, heat should not be used for the first few days when there is swelling and inflammation. Once this has calmed down, heat is a great way to relax muscles and increase blood flow for further healing and neck pain relief.


Moist Heating Pad
Electric Moist Heating Pad

Neck/Soulder Heat Pad
Neck Shoulder Heating pad

Neck Heating Pad
Neck Heating Pad

Specially designed heating pads deliver moist heat and deep penetrating infrared heat to specific areas of the neck and shoulders. While they all use a plug-in, the neck heating pad pictured above also uses a battery for more freedom of motion. Using heat therapy for the neck has never been easier or more effective. While you do not need any product to deliver heat, a hot shower is good, these products make it easier to apply on a more consistent basis, therefore, making it more effective to achieve neck pain relief just about anywhere.

Neck Pain Solutions – Massagers

Massagers for the neck can be passive, as rollers help to knead muscles as well as provide passive motion therapy to the joints. Other massagers require you to be active in treating specific muscles or muscle groups.

Headache Neck Release
headache neck pain release

Acupressure Massagers
Heatable Acupressure Massagers

Neck Massager
neck massager

The neck massager is commonly seen in many places. While most are meant to be used on other areas like the lower back and legs, this one is meant to be used only on the neck as the rollers are closer together for the smaller area of the neck. The massage it produces is not overpowering, it is relaxing and also meant to provide some motion into the neck which can help with bringing in nutrition to the discs and joints of the cervical spine. Other models are meant to treat specific areas of muscle strain or areas of trigger points, which can cause local pain as well as refer pain to other areas like the head and arms. These massage tools can help treat deep into the muscle, releasing areas of stiffness and trigger points. Being active in this process helps to more effectively treat your own neck, whenever needed. There are products that you lie down on and move your neck using gravity and the tool, and those that are ergonomically design to use leverage advantage for increased pressure. These methods require some time to practice and can be a little painful, consistent with deep muscle therapy.

Neck Pain Solutions – More

It is not always easy to achieve your goals for relieving pain. When neck pain becomes chronic, it can be a difficult and frustrating road to recovery. That is why the sooner you seek neck pain solutions, the better the outcome. There can be some symptoms associated with the neck that are normally not considered to be related, and these neck pain symptoms can be disturbing like dizziness and nausea. Emotional problems often need to be tackled with long standing neck pain and disability. Hopefully, these simple methods can help prevent long term problems and be a positive factor in managing neck pain. Get help when you need it. There are instances when neck pain is a medical emergency. However, most neck problems are not serious and using these methods has helped many individuals with achieving neck pain relief. It is also important to learn how to set computers up in an ergonomic way, to learn safe lifting methods, which are not just for the back, and help prevent whiplash injuries by adjusting your headrest properly.