Neck Heating Pad Provides Deep Penetrating Heat To Muscles, Joints & Discs

The neck heating pad uses infrared heat therapy to produce a heating treatment that is safer and more effective than traditional forms of hot packs and wraps. It comes in a plugin model and a battery powered model to offer freedom of motion or constant therapy for the neck. <read more>

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You will find this neck heating pad to be different than most other forms of heat because it uses infrared heating to provide deep penetration. It does not feel quite like these other forms and you should be familiar with infrared heat therapy. Basically, this neck heating pad penetrates up to 3 inches below the skin surface to reach structures that other forms of therapy cannot. It is safer because it uses less heat temperature to provide therapeutic benefits and uses low voltage for reduced risk of electromagnetic fields.

neck heating pad areaThis is the method of heat therapy that I prefer for more serious conditions like chronic disc problems and neck joint issues. While it may not feel like the electrical moist heating pad or the neck wrap, it provides a feeling of warmth, while the wrap is very comfortable. There is also the feeling that you are providing your neck with the best therapeutic form of heat therapy. This is beneficial for deeper structures like the joints, ligaments, tendons and discs, often involved in chronic neck pain and degenerative arthritis.

The neck heating pad offers concentrated deep heat therapy to the neck. The treatment is 30 minutes and both models have a timer to automatically shut off after 30 minutes. However, with a simple press of a button, you can continue the infrared neck therapy for extended treatment. It measures 12 inches across and the heating area is 9 x 6 inches. Make sure you are familiar with infrared heat as therapy.

If you are looking for the standard moist heating pads for a warmer superficial feeling and a more general coverage area; for the neck we have a moist heat wrap, and for a large coverage area that includes the shoulders, we have the neck/shoulder moist heat wrap. These will feel more like when you take a hot shower. The infrared wrap is a special type of heat therapy.

Benefits Of The Neck Heating Pad

The standard wraps and hot packs for the neck heat the surface of the skin, while infrared waves can penetrate much deeper without overheating the skin, therefore, maximizing therapy directly where you need it.

Because this form of heat therapy is very efficient, lower temperatures can be used, minimizing risks of burns. There is no need to run back to a microwave oven to re-heat, no messy hot packs to heat and the plug in model uses low voltage compared to a standard electric heating pad, so no harmful electromagnetic fields.

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The neck heating pad is better at dilating blood vessels and increasing the flow of oxygen to painful and damaged tissues deep in the neck. It is great to relieve muscle spasms, loosen up stiff neck joints to increase flexibility and provides healing at the cellular level.

A 2014 study in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine indicates short term infrared therapy improves muscle stiffness in chronic myofascial neck pain patients.

Infrared lamps are often seen in chiropractic or physical therapy clinics because infrared can transform the energy of light produced by the sun to therapeutic heat which can stimulate the natural healing ability of the body. With the neck heating pad, you can now use this great technology at hoe, the office and when travelling.

Which Neck Heating Pad Model Should I choose?

The plug in model is great for those who desire consistent heat therapy for extended periods, without worrying about recharging. The power cord gives more than 6 feet of length for positioning while relaxing or even working at a computer. If you need to get up and go, no problems, the wrap is super easy to remove. Just turn off the heating pad by pressing the power button and unfasten the velcro in seconds. The plug in model is more economical and they both work the same.

The portable model is battery powered. Now, both models are the same and cover the same therapeutic areas. The battery model has a lower profile in the back to hold the battery, but both models treat the same areas. I know the pictures look a little different at the top part of the neck heating pad, but that is just the picture and how it is adjusted. The battery comes with a charger and will last from 5 hours on low setting to about 2 hours on max heat setting. The battery model is great if you don't want to worry about cords or, as I like to, use in the car, especially on cold days.

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So, it really depends on your lifestyle. If you like the idea of the battery, you can always get an additional battery to keep charged should you run out or to charge one while using the other. With a battery charger for the car accessory, it is great for travelling on long trips to ease stiff neck muscles and prevent chilling of neck muscles which can lead to painful spasms.

Is The Neck Heating Pad For Me?

If you like the feel of hot packs and enjoy the relaxing sensation of moist heat and do not have significant neck issues, stick with the microwavable wrap, the electrical moist heat pad or the neck shoulder heating pad. The neck heating pad does not get as hot as these other methods and the heat is targeted and not produced throughout the area of the entire unit. So, you feel a very nice warming sensation, but it is not overwhelming and is great for those with sensitive skin or those who do not like very hot treatments on their neck. In my opinion, this is the most effective form of heat therapy for the neck and it is the one I use. The effects last longer and the heat penetrates deeper to sooth sensitive nerves, muscles and ease stiff joints. I like to use this heat for 30 or 60 minutes and then do a nice light massage. While you should not apply pressure to the outside of the heating pad, I like to use the plug in neck heating pad lying down on a comfortable pillow for better contact and relaxation.

Neck Heating Pad Instructions

The pad is easy to use, just wrap around your neck and fasten the velcro closures. If you use the battery model, just turn it on using the open window control on the back of the pad, the fasten around neck. Using the plug in or portable model is easy. There are 4 settings. Press the power button and the click it to change settings from low to max heating.

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Within seconds of turning it on, you will start to feel the soothing heat. You can adjust it for a more comfortable fit or to better target your problem area on the neck.

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The neck heating pad with infrared heat therapy is made of neoprene and has a fleece lining. It is very comfortable and easy to adjust. The potable model comes with a lithium ion battery containing the temperature control and timer and a plug in charger. The plug in model comes with a low volt plug with the controller for temperature and timer.


Neck Heating Pad Accessories

car charger

Battery Car Charger

A great way to charge the battery when you travel or going to or home from the office. Have the neck heating pad always ready to go when needed. Used for the battery model only. The heating pad can not be in use while charging.

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Extra Battery

The battery powered neck heating pad comes with a reliable lithium battery, although, it will eventually run out after 2 to 5 hours. Having an extra battery means you can have a fully charged one should yours run out. A good method to use when travelling, so you can have the heating pad in use, while charging an extra battery. One battery will take around 500 charges, so you get 1000 charges with 2.

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We do have extra wall chargers and other accessories for the neck heating pad. If you need assistance or have questions, please feel free to call or contact Neck Solutions.