The Neck And Back Massager Offers An Easy To Use Method Of Deep Massage To The Muscles Of The Neck And Back

A unique way to treat areas of muscle tension that can result in headaches, and hard to reach areas for neck pain, upper back pain or pain between the shoulder blades, and back strain by using these pressure point packs with or without using the ice pack feature.

Neck and Back Massager

The neck and back massager comes in 2 different shapes and sizes. One is perfect for the neck and can treat the area just under the skull at the top of the neck which is often involved with headaches or treat lower down on the neck where deep pressure can help release stiff and tight muscles often associated with arthritis or neck strain. The other is great for that nagging pain between the shoulders. Both together and you have a neck and back massager without batteries or electrical outlets.

The neck and back massager is effective for applying pressure to tender areas of muscular strain. Place in the freezer and get the benefits of additional pain relief with ice therapy

. These tender areas can be painful to treat or you may have a recent strain that can benefit from ice therapy during the neck and back massager application. This can help reduce inflammation and control pain during and after treatment.

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The neck and back massager uses pressure point balls inside a gel pack, which are anatomically positioned and linked for effective application. The gel is not toxic, eco-friendly and the covering gives you the option of a frost free, skin friendly surface which has a slow release of the cold.

The pressure relief is similar to using a tennis ball to treat sore areas, except with much more ease and precise application for treating pressure points by utilizing a combination of bodyweight and gravity to apply the pressure that is totally under your control.

You choose the options; against the back part of a chair, the floor or even a wall. Place the neck and back massager behind or underneath you and either remain still using varying amounts of pressure, or move around for a nice massage effect.

The size options are 6 by 10 inches and 6 by 20 inches.

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Neck and Back Massager 6 x 20: $39.99
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