The My Chiro Pillow Uses Adjustable Support With 4 Levels Of Fill For A Perfect Fit

This is a professional version of My Pillow in a special chiropractic system and allows you to choose by your size and sleeping habits. Sizes from children to large adults will benefit from an always fresh, cool and comfortable pillow, now with the support professionals demand.

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My Chiro Pillow: $69.99
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Standard/Queen: 18.5 x 28 | King 18.5 x 34
Level Of FillRecommended For
Light FillStomach Sleepers & Children 3 to 11
Standard FillAverage Shoulder Width Women & Teenagers
Full FillAverage Shoulder Width Men & Larger Teenagers & Women Broad Shoulders
X-Full FillSide Sleeping Men Wide Shoulders
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This is a non-contour pillow that can be adjusted by hand, similar to a buckwheat pillow, but is soft. Every size pillow is soft, differing only in the amount of fill according to the sizing table above. It is a lightweight pillow that can be washed in cold or warm water using any detergent and tumble dried at high heat. It is recommended to wash the pillow every 4 months or, if you have allergies, every 2 months if needed.

My Pillow Professional Side Sleeping

my pillow side sleeping

Fluff my chiro pillow from each end and lay down. The material forms interlocking connections that help to maintain positioning, but you can tuck more of the material in order to further customize it for your needs. If you choose the right size, it is nice to press down to allow some side flexion which can help if you have muscle spasm or a pinched nerve that feels better with the ear more towards the chest on one side. This is usually the side of the nerve that is being pinched in the neck. similarly, when turning to the either side, fluff it up more and tuck more under you to have the neck keep the same slightly bent position. This is usually the opposite side of the pinched nerve. So, sometimes, flat is not always best and My Chiro Pillow gives you some options for this. This is similar to the advantages of a buckwheat pillow, except this pillow is much softer and lighter.

My Pillow Professional Back Sleeping

my pillow side sleeping

For back sleeping, even though it is not a contour pillow, you can get a similar effect by tucking the pillow under the part of your neck that needs support the most. The interlocking material is set to softly hold and shape to your spine. So, just tuck and roll in the pillow under your neck.

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Is My Pillow Any Good?

Well, it is a soft pillow that is meant to be molded to your specific shape. It is not an orthopedic pillow per se, but you become your own orthopedist with this pillow. If you like firm, contoured support, this is not for you and you will not have good benefit. If you like a more traditional pillow shape that you can fluff and shape, along with soft, fluffy support, you will probably love this, your… my pillow professional. The reviews are hit and miss. Again, you will either love it or hate it, but we provide some info here to help. I’m not going to go through the claims made for conditions, because it really depends on how you use it. Snoring can be helped with the head positioned properly, but snoring can be due to many reasons. I think the important thing is to make sure you get the right fill. The one I tried some years ago was not the correct fill and it was not very good, however, the one I just tried, the full fill, was much better. Enough to get me to switch from the Posture Med – No, but I have not found one yet that does. As a soft, easy to clean, standard shaped and adjustable filled pillow, I think it is good for most and a great option to standard shaped fiber filled pillows.

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Why Is This A Professional Version Of My Pillow?

is my pillow any goodGood question. Well, they are marketing to professionals, so the quality needs to be good. They have a line of pillows including a neck roll, body pillow and small version. I think it is nice. I had tried a my pillow some years ago and did not like it. However, the sample I received was really nice, says, “My Chiro Pillow” on it and has a nice way to determine how much fill you need. Earlier, I think they only had under-filled pillows and it did not work. Now, I use the Posture Med Pillow for arthritis, but I did find the pillow comfortable and mad pretty well. My wife did not like it at all, she prefers a firmer support. So, my Mom saw the pillow laying around, felt it and fell in love with it instantly. It is actually filled too much for her, but she liked it that way. She is used to me having many pillows around and asked if she could have it. Now she has my pillow! Not mine, this one. It is now her pillow.

So, one of those things; either your feel it and really like it, or you feel it and do not like it. Again, it is a soft pillow, now with adequate support for your size, but you need to play with it, “adjust it” as you change positions. Nice soft feel, easy to clean, and comes with a 10 year manufacturer warranty to hold it’s shape.

What Is The Filling Inside The My Pillow Professional?

It is filled with a medical grade shredded polyurethane foam of different shapes and sizes. Again, I like to compare it to a buckwheat pillow. The irregular small foam allows these pillows to be shaped by hand like the concave shape of buckwheat hulls. It is a non-orthopedic pillow, but has advantages over regular pillows with fiber type fill in that these foam pieces allow the pillow to maintain a shape which better conforms to your anatomy. The advantages over a buckwheat pillow is that it is lightweight, very soft and quiet. It uses a gusset of 2 inches around the pillow. No manufacturing smell or off gassing, unless you are really sensitive. The cover is a nice 100% cotton material that is anti-bacterial and helps keep dust mites out.

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