Multi Axis Wheelchair Headrest

Multi Axis Wheelchair Headrest

Multi Axis Wheelchair Headrest:

  • Adjusts horizontally, vertically, and pivots on a ball
  • Features a new positioning stop collar which allows you to remove the headrest assembly without changing the desired headrest position
  • Mounting plate is compatible with both 1-7/8″ and 2″ on center hole spacing
  • Used with Three Section, Soft, or Molded headrest pads – Sold Separately

Multi Axis Wheelchair Headrest Parts

Multi Axis Wheelchair Headrest Assembly 1 & 2

Step 1: Use 4 buttonhead screws and washers (included) to attach mounting plate and spacer to chair. Make sure all six holes of plate and spacer line up. On-center hole dimensions shown here. Step 2: If desired, loosen set screws on stop collar and slide it onto offset bar. Make sure stop collar set screws are accessible from the back side of the chair. Slide offset bar into mounting plate. Adjust vertically. Tighten knob. The alternate knob may be used if desired.

Multi Axis Wheelchair Headrest Assembly 3 & 4

Step 3: If using stop collar, position it so it sits on the top of the mounting plate. With allen wrench, tighten set screws. Step 4: Place offset block over ball on offset bar. Adjust angle. Hand tighten socket-head bolts.

Multi Axis Wheelchair Headrest Assembly 5 & 6

Step 5: Slide straight bar through mounting ring, and then into offset block. Adjust horizontally. With allen wrench, tighten all 3 socket-head bolts with equal pressure. Step 6: Place headrest on ball at end of straight bar. Adjust angle. Slide mounting ring over ball and tighten socket-head bolts into headrest.

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Multi Axis Wheelchair Headrest Hardware: $199.99
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