Molded Wheelchair Headrest Pad




Lateral Support


Molded Wheelchair Hearest Pad Small Molded Wheelchair Hearest Pad Large Molded Wheelchair Hearest Pad Combination Molded Wheelchair Hearest Pad Lateral Support Molded Wheelchair Hearest Pad Neck

Contoured shape for relief in the ear area.

Contoured shape for range of vision. Squared ends for lateral support.

Head and neck support with lower lateral lip. Squared ends for lateral support.

Additional lateral support, and more support in the cervical area.

Contoured shape accommodates cervical area, avoids ear contact.

Molded Wheelchair Hearest Pad Sizes

Molded Wheelchair Headrest Pad Features:

  • Durable black molded polyurethane foam, with metal insert for strength and durability

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Molded Headrest Pads: $139.99
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What Hardware Will Work With The Molded Wheelchair Headrests

Surelock Hardware
surelock wheelchair headrest

Multi Axis Hardware
multi axis wheelchair headrest

Flip Down (Ball Mount Only)
flipdown wheelchair headrest

If you need assistance or have questions regarding the molded wheelchair headrest pads, please feel free to contact Neck Solutions.