Moist Heating Pad Provides High Quality Heat Therapy For The Neck

It has been established that normal water is really a more efficient heat conductor compared to air, actually, moist heat can permeate twenty-seven times more effectively compared to dry heat! Additionally, human body tissue is capable to be able to endure moist heat with higher temperatures as compared to dry heat. The moist heating pad neck wrap is a great way to provide concentrated heat to the neck.

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Because this strong heat permeates sore body tissue, circulatory system vessels enlarge, improving the blood flow in the area. The improved blood circulation alleviates swelling, delivers more oxygen, takes aside harmful toxins as well as waste materials regarding restorative healing, and offers pain relief . The Moist Heating Pad creates “hot fomentation compress” adding any water, to relieve the never-ending cycle involving soreness as well as muscular spasm and enable more all-natural movements plus comforting relaxation. It can be particularly useful in supplying alleviation coming from the discomfort of joint swelling, neck pain, fibromyalgia syndrome, muscle strains or jaw pain.

Moist heat, to release muscular spasms, alleviate pain while increasing blood circulation in order to accelerate the body’s all-natural healing process. Moist, in order to substantially improve the penetration strength involving heating as well as your body’s response to heat therapies. Self-contouring material which contours to the body’s shapes, intended for greatest contact of sore neck regions.

The Moist Heating Pad is designed with a special hand-held switch. For the safety switch, just press for heat, release to cool and alternate as often as you like. If you happen to doze off and your hand relaxes, the unit will cool as a safety feature. The auto provides 3 levels of heat for hands free operation. Both use a 20 minute session timer. 110 volt electric outlet.

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Heat therapy can be generally ignored in the frantic quest with regard to pain alleviation, however basic research establishes this straightforward, all-natural approach may relieve pain greater than numerous more complicated, intrusive techniques. Heat therapy improves your own body’s built in recovery ability through revitalizing blood circulation to get rid of harmful toxins as well as enhance the availability of , oxygen rich substances available to injured tissue. In the meantime, soothing heat functions in order to calm joint pain, decrease swelling, unwind tight muscle groups as well as quiet pain receptors.

The Moist Heating Pad was created to be hands free having a user friendly on/off option together with a Pause function as well as built in timer. Simply push On to get heat, Pause in order to cool down and change as frequently as you desire. In the event that you fall asleep or perhaps are disrupted and end up forgetting it is heating, the 20 minute timer will certainly turn the device off for your personal safety.

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Safety Switch

Additionally offered with the hands on switch. You simply push the handle and keep it all the way down to get heat. Once the moist heating pad attains a temperature you would like, just let go of the switch for it to cools. Vary this as frequently as you desire as much as thirty minutes. This particular treatment therapy is very comforting and you might fall asleep. However that’s alright, because when the hand relaxes it lets off the switch, it will certainly cool and also turn off. An excellent security function!

Physicians as well as physiotherapists understand the intensive, penetrating heating with our moist heating pad is really a practical, efficient method in order to provide sufferers many hours of comforting relief. Having it to utilize within the initial manifestation of discomfort, muscular spasm as well as stiffness, may frequently allow you to take care of a minimal issue prior to it has a opportunity to intensify and require medical involvement.

For those who have an arthritis affliction, injuries, neck pain or muscular spasm, any sort of pain whatsoever, it impacts almost everything you do. The Moist Heating Pad delivers the benefit of professional-quality moist heat treatment when needed, in order to substantially increase your capability to deal with your personal pain. Absolutely nothing to add, zero volatile microwave oven packs or even pungent lotions. Merely push the switch and rest, as the comforting heat starts to alleviate your pain.

auto switch
Auto Timer Switch

Select the hands on switch, or hands free switch with timer as each provides the penetrating, healing moist heat neede, without having to mess with water!

Professional-quality strong moist heat may also be utilized in your own home regarding treatment whenever needed. Moist heat is actually the particular kind frequently utilized as well as advised by medical doctors, physical therapists, and other healthcare specialists.

Distinctive style and design creates moisture content coming from the surroundings, without having the necessity for anyone to add water. Moist heat allows the warmth to penetrate more intensely, therefore alleviating pain, soothing muscular spasm as well as improving invigorating blood circulation.

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Moist Heating Pad Uses

After the acute stage of an injury – up to a week depending on severity, use moist heat for:

  • Painful Joints
  • Stiff Neck
  • Arthritis
  • TMJ Problems
  • Bursitis
  • Muscle Spasms
  • Sinus Pain
  • Strained muscles or sprained ligaments
  • Sports injuries
  • Pain Management
  • Fibromyalgia

Please note the moist heating pad is available with a safety switch that you hold down for heat and an auto timer switch. I have used both and I like the safety switch. I think the heat is a little better with the safety switch. I do not have any objective evidence of this, it is just my experience, however, you do have to hold it down. Sometimes I will put it inder my leg to do this, so it does require a little more work. Most will enjoy the temperature control aspect of the auto.

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