The Memory Foam Travel Pillow Lets You Travel In Comfort

Traveling can take it’s toll on your neck and the memory foam travel pillow can offer some relief. The ergonomic shape wraps around your neck to provide proper orthopedic neck support and the memory foam conforms to the contours of your body for a custom fit, so you rest as comfortably while you travel as you do at home. Our travel pillow is lightweight, easy to pack and small enough for you to take with you everywhere.

Travel Neck Pillow With Memory Foam And Cloth Cover!The lobed design of the memory foam travel pillow allows you to relax in comfort or even sleep while sitting with support for your neck. On a plane, train, car or bus, the memory foam travel pillow helps avoid the stress on your neck that can lead to neck pain and headaches.

Use the memory travel pillow sitting, reclining as well as lying down to keep your head and neck in alignment and with proper posture. This pillow is not only great for traveling but it also helps to support your neck and eliminate neck pain any time and anywhere.

The visco elastic memory foam responds to the heat of your neck and shoulders and conforms to your unique shape to help you relax. For use at home as a neck rest while watching TV or as a support pillow while reclining and also while reading, since it fully supports your neck and eases tension while reducing neck and shoulder pain.

Memory Foam Travel PillowThe memory foam travel pillow is made of the high quality materials to ensure durability. The density provided by the memory foam travel pillow is good if you tend to get acute flare-ups of neck pain on the road. Often, the vibration of traveling in many vehicles can aggravate disc conditions or arthritis.

The Memory Foam Travel Pillow also makes a great gift for any occasion, especially for the special traveler in your life. Comes with a plush velour cover that zips at the back and removes easily for washing.

Measures: 2.8″ x 9.8″ x 10″ approximately 2 pounds.

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