The Contour Memory Foam Pillow Makes use of Pressure Reducing Materials which Properly Adapts To Your Distinct Anatomical Features

The memory foam pillow knows just how much to permit your head to settle within the pillow so that each and every shape of your head and neck will be supported with ease and comfort. <read more>

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Contour Memory Foam Pillow Sizes

contour memory foam pillow

There are 2 sizing options: A Full Size employs a 19.5″ by 14″ surface area permitting additional comfort, and features contoured lobes for neck support which measure 4″ & 5″ in height, providing 2 support options. A Mid Sized Pillow is 19″ by 12″, intended for small framed adults as well as teenagers, using neck support contours of 3″ & 4″ in height. It comes with a a very comfortable cover that is removable for washing and this further adds to the promotion of relaxation and comfort.

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Made of sophisticated materials used in neck pillows. Developed in order to offer your head and neck steady, relaxed support, it can help to alleviate neck stiffness, as well as pain in the upper shoulders, and upper back through providing proper neck posture while sleeping enabling the muscles to relax. The curved design and style supplies optimum neck support in a contour memory foam pillow.

The material is actually viscoelastic, meaning it supplies personalized shaping. How does it do this? The Contour Memory Foam reacts to weight as well as heat, keeping your head and neck in better position with the spinal column, generating total support along with the greatest level of comfort. Reduce turning and tossing around through the night. Offers appropriate supporting for back as well as side sleeping positions due to the accommodating nature of the memory foam that will respond to changing positions in order to maintain support and comfort.

Care and cleaning: Don’t wash this Memory Foam. The cover for the pillow is machine washable. Should the pillow get wet, lightly squeeze out the water. Permit the pillow to air dry completely before using.

The contour memory foam pillow may well transform coloring with time because of the exposing to air and light. The coloration may range from yellowish to brownish. This is certainly completely normal.

The reason why Memory Foam Pillows are the most preferred pillows is because of the Visco Elastic Engineering created through NASA in order to sense body weight as well as heat so it will delicately adapt to your own form in order to reduce pressure and also cut down fidgeting.

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Memory Foam Pillow Properties

The materials in our space age state-of-the-art memory pillows had been initially designed with regard to NASA. The contour memory foam pillow is actually heat sensitive – your body temperature communicates with the visco-elastic properties, while carefully contouring as well as molding to the head and neck. The contour memory foam pillow provides remarkable ease and comfort which minimizes strain and stress to supply a more relaxing sleeping experience.

Temperature reactive visco elastic foam shapes in order to accommodate your shoulder’s all-natural contours to maintain the vertebrae in proper positioning, as well as permitting muscle groups and ligaments to unwind producing ideal ease and comfort during sleep.

The comfort of space-age foam enables you to minimize neck discomfort: It is actually one of the solutions for you to help minimize headaches related to neck tension, muscle as well as joint injuries and joint inflammation resulting from degenerative arthritic conditions.

memory foam pillow
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Memory Foam Support Pillow
memory foam support pillow

A firmer version of the memory foam pillow using a standard foam base with a layer of memory foam on top.

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