Maternity Body Pillow Helps Provide Relief During That Uncomfortable Second And Third Trimester

The Maternity Body Pillow was created to help an expectant mother lay in comfort on her right or left side as it relieves pressure on a developing tummy, low back, hip and legs as well as sensitive joints. The maternity body pillow cradles your growing tummy, and you may additionally utilize it for lower back support when sitting down, raise your hips, legs and ankles, keep your body aligned correctly during sleep! After the baby shows up, make use of the body pillow in order to support your hungry infant, especially during night time feedings.

Maternity Body Pillow

The Maternity Body Pillow supports your stomach so you get the sleep you and baby need so much. Sleeping on your side, with plenty of support for baby, allows maximum flow of oxygen and nutrients to the placenta and minimizes swelling of ankles, hands and feet.

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As pregnancy progresses, you’ll find that a maternity body pillow can serve many functions, in addition to help with sleeping, it can be used as a cushion for the couch, a mat for the floor and even a traveling pillow to make sure that wherever you go, you will always have comfortable support and be able to rest easier. A maternity body pillow can also serves as a comfort companion if your partner suffers sympathy back pain or has troubles with sleep during the pregnancy.

Sleeping difficulty is a common problem with pregnancy. A maternity body pillow may be the solution to helping you getting to sleep as well as staying asleep. Pregnancy has many trying times as your body changes like back pain, leg swelling and cramps, constipation, urgent urination, frequent dreams and worries about delivery, the babies health and major lifestyle changes ahead. These factors can increase problems with sleeping, physical and emotional discomfort.

Try using a maternity body pillow underneath your knees while you sit having your legs raised to help relieve muscle tension as well as swelling, which is usually more problematic at night when you are trying to sleep. Maternity body pillows are a cost effective and easy method to get more comfortable sleep during pregnancy and after.

Experts agree that the best position for a pregnant woman to sleep in is on her left side, which allows for the best circulation. Our Maternity Body Pillow is uniquely designed to support the growing belly and the lower back at the same time so you get the sleep you need so much. This maternity pillow is a must have for every expectant mother!

The Maternity Body Pillow helps with side sleeping, which is the preferred posture for expecting mothers, with lots of support for the baby and may even reduce swelling involving the ankles, feet and hands.

This maternity body pillow is constructed with a 100 percent pure cotton cover and also packed with top quality hypo- allergenic polyfiber fill. It makes use of an adjustable velcro padding in between 2 supportive cushions for comfort as well as easy carrying handles. Machine cleanable as well as dryable.

Available in White and Natural.

If you need assistance or have questions, please feel free to contact Neck Solutions. Please also see our pregnancy body pillow for an extra long design.