The Latex Pillow Is A Good Natural Option To Traditional Foam Pillows With The Best Pressure Reducing Surface

A latex pillow that will accommodate both side and back sleeping postures. The pillows use a natural Talalay latex which offers optimal support, providing a very high level of comfort and has no synthetic additives. This is not the bouncy type of latex; think of a rubber ball. It is NOT Firm; it is Very plush, soft and offer good support and great comfort. You will never need to fluff the pillow and they will last for years.

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Contour Neck Version

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The contour version has gently sloped lobes and a plush, complimenting blended cover over a mesh casing. It has a very plush, soft feel that is uniform, owing to the Talalay manufacturing process. It is specially designed for gentle spinal alignment and sensitive neck conditions. It will compress and rebound very quickly. If you like a firm pillow, this is definitely not the one for you.

Pillow measures 60cm (23.6") by 40cm (15.75") Lobes are 10 cm (3.94") by 12cm (4.73") with snug, secure cover which aids in holding shape and preventing migration due to the pillow's plush, soft nature. Certified by Confidence In Textiles: Tested For Harmful Substances. Compressed packaging - allow time for expanding and airing once removed.

Flare-ups of inflammation from conditions like degenerative arthritis and sensitive neck injuries will appreciate the comforting nature of this pillow. An ultra soft pillow that is for both back and side sleeping for the smaller framed individual. So, children over 10, average women and smaller framed men will get the best benefit for back and side sleeping. These are often the body types that are most susceptible to cervical spine injuries like whiplash. For larger individuals, it will be best for back sleeping. There are always exceptions to this general rule as some larger framed individuals like it for both positions. It is one of my favorite for sensitive cervical spine conditions and is softer, yet more reactive than the pillow I use - the PostureMed Memory Foam. The latex is also a nice natural pillow that has many health benefits. Allergic to latex? - Go with the other PostureMed.

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The primary function of a natural latex pillow while sleeping will be to support the neck within a natural posture. This helps prevent end range or extreme neck positions in the course of sleeping which can amplify structural strains on the cervical spine, such as neck muscles, ligaments and discs.

This may endanger susceptible structures along with producing symptoms upon waking, like neck pain along with stiff muscles, headaches, shoulder as well as arm pain. Investigation regarding the impact of various types of pillows for individuals having persistent neck pain discovered that softer pillows which offer neck support, like the natural latex pillow, offer beneficial relief with regard to pain symptoms upon waking.

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Latex Pillow Science

A 2010 study in the Journal of Pain Research studied different pillows in relation to the behavior of neck stiffness, headaches and shoulder/arm pain. Their research involved individuals selected randomly, then outlined those who revealed a significant rate of pain on waking. Almost 30% indicated waking with shoulder (scapular) and arm pain, 19% reported having headaches, and almost 20% noted having neck pain and/or stiffness. Furthermore individuals frequently noted waking having more than one of these signs and symptoms.

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The study focused on side sleepers. In the experiment, 5 pillows were used (latex, feather, contour foam, regular foam and polyester. Each of the pillows were each trialed for a week, with the subjects own pillow used as the control. Again, the main indicator of the study was waking up with pain; a stiff neck, headaches and upper back or scapular pain. The study indication frequently encountered sleep disturbance. The worst performance was the feather pillow, with the foam pillows and polyester next. The best performance was seen with the latex. The authors indicate noted the latex pillows had the best consistent performance over foam, polyester and feather. The authors concluded, "Latex pillows can be recommended over any other type for control of waking headache and scapular/arm pain".

The authors did a previous study in a 2009 edition of Manual Therapy journal, in which they similarly trialed pillows made of different materials. The study provided evidence that latex pillows can be recommended to manage neck pain on waking up, as well as improving quality of sleep and pillow comfort.

Note: What I like about the latex pillows are the soft, resilient response that is good for sensitive necks and a light and airy design. If you like the ergonomic design of a neck pillow, latex will be cooler, more breathable, softer, and reactive than traditional memory foam pillows. This makes for a more comfortable pillow and, in my opinion, one that is better for neck pain conditions with inflammation. In my experience, most will like them and some will hate them. We provide information as well as options in firmer pillows.

Benefits Of Natural Latex Pillows

benefits of latex

The properties of latex are antimicrobial and resistant to dust mites as well as allergens, mold and mildew, providing a comfortable and safe sleeping experience. You might notice a slight scent. Airing it out for a 24 hour period or some will place in a dryer on fluff for a bit. It will not bother most.

  • 100% Natural Latex
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Antimicrobial
  • Dust Mite Resistant
  • Instantly conforms to contours of head and neck and spine for optimal orthopedic support
  • Reduces pressure points
  • Breathability - Air flow

Nature gave us the best material to work with - Natural Latex. We mastered the use of latex to produce a 100% Natural Latex Pillow. Use of natural latex increases the need to plant more rubber trees, making the world Green! Every rubber tree produces that extra breath of oxygen, making our world a better place.

The antimicrobial properties in latex resist dust mites, allergens, mold and mildew. This, along with the ventilation holes or egg crate top, provides a cool, safe & comfortable sleep.

This is the most natural latex pillow currently available. The pillow uses a wonderful balance between neck support and softness, allowing a personal height adjustment via gravity and head weight when lying on the pillow for spinal alignment and a high level of sleep comfort. You will find the natural Talalay latex pillow is a great investment, because it lasts much longer than foam or fiber based pillows, providing many years of comfort. They have special holes for ventilation in addition to the natural properties to help control temperature so they are fine for use in warm climates.

These are very comfortable pillows, as the natural latex provides great properties for your head, neck and shoulders. It offers pressure relief and a responsive surface. It is soft and never needs fluffing as it retains it natural shape year after year, lasting 2 or 3 times longer than regular pillows. It is naturally breathable, and combine this with the air zoning holes and the pillow remains wonderfully cool as it resists moisture build-up.

Why Use Talalay Latex For Pillows

Talalay is the softest type of latex with a consistent density and is more responsive than Dunlop latex. It provides a cushy, embracing pillow that is has better spring to react to changing positions. It offers the response feel of memory foam, without having to react to your body heat, so it is more consistent and responsive when changing sleeping postures. Talalay latex pillows are more expensive due to the manufacturing process that produces a purer type of latex with better cell structure throughout the entire pillow.

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Unique Natural Latex & Processing

Every rubber tree secretes about 1/8 of a cup of latex each day and account for removing 143 metric tons of CO2 from our environment a year! It is a renewable resource and is environmentally friendly, being processed and grown organically. It is non toxic even when burned as well as biodegradable

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What About Latex Allergies?

Most people are aware of latex allergies. Because latex is used in so many products, if you have an allergy to latex, you are well aware. Fortunately, being allergic to latex puts you in a small category. The American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology indicates only 1% of the general population suffers latex allergies. In the health care industry, latex allergies is higher due to many years of consistent handling. Mostly it results from breathing in small amounts of the powder inside the gloves. After many exposures, sensitization may occur and skin contact reactions can develop. Nonetheless, if you have a latex sensitivity, this is not the pillow for you.

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