Large Body Pillow Is 10 Foot And Provides Extra Support And Comfort

Frequently asked for as a possible solution to typical body bedroom pillows, this large cushion can be positioned u shaped and is reassuring for those who find it difficult to be able to sleep on their own in addition to offering additional cushioning not likely present in regular body pillows.

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large 10 foot long body pillow

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Please note in the picture that the pillow is in the u shaped position – full in front, but not in the back. This is accomplished by pushing the fiber filling to one half of the pillow. That is why it looks so full in the front, but this is not the case for the entire length. It is a great supportive pillow and must ship freight, however, we still provide free shipping on this item within the United States only. Again, it is as pictured, however, if you look carefully, it is full in front and not in the back portion. Adjusting it, you can achieve the desired support as depicted.

Substantial support and comfort, maximum relaxing can be achievable using this large body pillow during sleep, for extra supporting within an up-right posture as you’re watching Television or just reading books.

The amply extra large body pillow is of sufficient length (10 Feet) so that you can get in your favorite position while having support on either side, with one side fully and completely supported when in the u shaped body pillow configuration. It surrounds and supports the body to help you reduce tossing as well as turning about in frustration, maintaining your head, neck, shoulder area, upper and lower back and also hips aligned correctly the whole night in the u shaped body pillow position.

Large U-Shaped Body Pillow Uses…

Ideal in cases where utilized as being a u shape because it assists both the lower back and the belly simultaneously. The Ten feet in length body pillow conforms to all your shapes as well as minimizes stress regions creating reduced requirement for fidgeting. Be sure to check out the C-Shaped Body Pillow that wraps around your entire body and is our most popular pregnancy pillow. It is just as comfortable, easier to handle and much less expensive.

The main benefit of a such a large U-shaped body pillow would be that it hugs your entire body. You can utilize the pillow to aid your back and front during sleep in the side sleeping position.

Filled with comfortable polyester and comes with a cover that is washable. Please note: it is oversized, not overstuffed – or you would not be able to bend it to the u shaped body pillow configuration.

but large body pillow

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