Inversion Table Benefits: Therapy For Your Back And You

The amount of adults that walk around with chronic or intermittent back pain is astounding. Some studies would have you believe that up to 80% of our adult population suffers from chronic back pain. But even if that isn’t the real number, anyone that has ever suffered from terrible back and spinal pain can tell you just how awful living with it really is. But there is one simple solution that can help relieve the chronic pain that many people face today: The inversion table.

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Inversion therapy traction table benefits cover pretty much every part of the body and can even offer improved health on top of relief. But just what are these inversion table benefits, and how will they effect you?

Back Pain: By simply hopping on an inversion table and allowing your weight so shift so you become inverted, you are reversing the effect that gravity and compression has on your spine every waking moment of the day. When inverted, you provide your spine with the traction it needs to release some of the built up pressure. This can cause pinched nerves from compression to become released, instantly making your back feel worlds better.

Joint Relief: The pressure on our joints gets worse as the day goes on, but by enjoying the inversion table benefits, you can help stretch out your muscles in your joints. Especially after a long workout, an inversion table can provide much needed relief to your arms and legs.

Lymph System: There aren’t many people that would see an inversion table and think of the lymph system, but studies have shown that simply by hanging upside down you allow your bodies lymph system to travel in the other direction for a change. This allows it to flush the built up toxins out and clear the lactic acid that can cause pain out of the body.

Improved Circulation: Since all blood flow has to fight through gravity, half of your body is always in an imbalance with the other half when it comes to circulation.  By inverting for a little while each day, you can help counteract the effects that gravity has on your body and allow full circulation to occur to the other half of it.

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A 2012 study in the journal Disability and Rehabilitation, in patients prescribed disc surgery, inversion therapy producing intermittent traction significantly reduced the need for surgery. There was a trend towards resolution of disability and impairment resulting from disc related nerve pain. The authors further noted the potential to reduce rehab after surgery using inversion traction.

A 1985 study in the journal Archives of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation studied the lumbar spine distraction effects of inversion devices, noting back pain improvement in 13 of 16 patients. This seems to be static or just hanging inversion. Intermittent, in my opinion, is more effective and should produce less side effects.

Inversion therapy is a great way to help compressive spinal conditions like herniated discs and disc degeneration

How To Use An Inversion Table

The idea is not to just hang upside down. These devices are best used with a back and forth motion used to produce what is called intermittent traction. This is a method of pumping the disc, providing traction on and off in a slow, steady motion. This is done with your body weight and the natural motion of the table, keeping a nice, steady rythm. You control this with body motion and should go slow in the beginning until you are familiar with the table and the effects of traction. Once you have mastered this, you will find it very easy to do and quite effective in many cases.

As you can see, there are many benefits to using inversion therapy. This device is a practical way to utilize intermittent lumbar traction in a home setting.

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Inversion Table Details:

Details: Height Limit from 4′ 9″ – 6′ 5″. The Weight Limit 300 lbs (135 kgs). It weighs 47 pounds and comes in a box that is 51.5 inches long by 30.5 inches wide and 6 inches tall. The handles loop for easy gripping and it has a nice clamp that ratchets for clamping the foam ankle supports. Rubber feet prevent slippage.


Caution should be used with inversion therapy if you have cardiovascular problems, migraine headaches, eye pressure or vision related problems, contact lenses should not be worn while inverting, avoid during pregnancy; consult your health care provider first.