The Inflatable Travel Pillow Supports Your Head For Long Trips Away From Home

A popular neck pillow for passenger traveling, the unique design of the inflatable travel pillow makes it firm enough to support the head. It uses velcro strap to close in front and inflates to desired level of support.

inflatable travel pillowThe inflatable travel pillow has unique features not available in other travel pillows. Using a front support velcor closure, this inflatable pillow is not as comfortable as some of the softer foam and fiber travel pillows, but provides a level of support that many people find desirable. By using a front closure, the inflatable travel pillow provides good lateral (side to side) support that many people find comfortable for sleeping.

Using an open valve airway system allows adjustments for firm or gentle support depending upon the level of inflation and it deflates completely which permits easy storage when traveling.

Manufactured from medical grade – nylon coated vinyl, the inflatable travel neck pillow is durable and non abrasive, however, care should be taken not to bring the pillow into contact with sharp objects.

  • Permits comfortable sleeping in a sitting position.
  • Offers gentle support for head and neck.
  • Air filled for adjustability to personal preference.
  • It is easily portable for auto or air travel.

The inflatable travel pillow is available in Royal Blue and measures 14″ x 9″ x 4″.

* The inflatable travel pillow should not be used when operating heavy machinery. Do not use when driving, it is designed for passengers only!

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