Inflatable Back Support Pillow For A Custom And Adjustable Fit

Easily strapped into your car, onto a chair, or tucked into your suitcase for easy carry on ability. So, wherever you are, you can combat fatigue when sitting for prolonged periods with the inflatable back support pillow, and reap the rewards of a mind and body that are more relaxed and alert.

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You can the support level can be adjusted by simply squeezing the pump with your hand. Portable and Lightweight, turns any chair into an ergonomic seating system. The compact, small design makes this perfect for those who do not need the bulky structure of many back supports.

Equipped with an internal lumbar support that can be inflated and deflated through the hand pump for multiple comfort settings to custom fit the support to the lower back by supporting the lumbar curve. Remains fixed at the selected level until inflation/deflation adjustment is made.

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Inflatable Back Support Pillow Details

Utilizes a reinforced bladder for air inflation (latex free), which is surrounded by a padded foam covering allowing air to circulate offering comforting support. The fastening system provides easy attachment for appropriate position to most chairs. Comes with a blue covering only and measures 7 by 11 inches.

The easy to reach and easy to use pump and deflation valve are conveniently located and attached to the inflatable back support pillow. Use it in your home, office, car, or anywhere else you sit to provide the back relief you have been looking for.

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