Infant Car Seat Head Support

Infants don’t have sufficient neck muscle strength to enable them to hold the head up and maintain airway flow. When travelling in a car seat, stroller, swings or even during diaper changing, their head has a tendency to flop to the sides and forward. Using the infant car seat head support under the baby’s head can help keep your infant comfortable and prevent the head from flopping around into harmful positions.

infant car seat head support

Anytime extra support is needed, the infant car pillow is easy to use, simple in design and your baby will love it. It provides crucial neck support for times when you can not hold and support your baby by yourself.

infant travel pillow

Benefits Of The Infant Car Seat Head Support

Have you ever seen your infant or toddler’s head slumped over in a cramped and unsupported position? Now, with the infant travel pillow, you can help your baby be more comfortable. Regardless of whether your child is sleeping or awake, the infant car seat head support keeps his or her neck carefully and comfortably in the center, with the child’s head supported on the sides by the wings.

The infant car neck support will make a fantastic and affordable shower gift!

The pillow supports and wraps around an infant’s neck and it cradles both the head with support and comfort. The great design uses side wings that rest on the baby’s shoulders. It is designed to provide the structural support necessary for an infant.

The compact design employed by the infant car seat head support makes it a great travel companion as it easily folds in half and placed in your pocketbook or diaper bag.

Infant Head Support Instructions

Position the center portion of the infant car seat head support around the back of the infant’s neck. The lower part of the wings should rest on the child’s shoulders. If the infant falls asleep and the support needs adjusting, just pull the lower wing part onto the shoulder until the head is well supported and stabilized.

Details Of The Infant Head Support Pillow:

  • Protects baby’s head from shaking when in a car seat or stroller
  • U-shaped design to best support baby growth stages
  • Provides maximum protection for the infant’s head and neck
  • Made of soft, 100% organic cotton for ultimate comfort
  • Machine washable at 86°F
  • For infants up to 1 year – older with smaller child
baby travel pillow

May also help with conditions like plagiocephaly and torticollis. I would recommend this for any infant as protection during the first year is crucial. It is not bulky and very affordable. No reason an infant should be riding without consideration for head and neck support.

Make sure the driver’s neck is protected from injury too! If you need assistance or have questions, please feel free to contact Neck Solutions.