The Home Neck Traction Is Clinically Proven For Neck Pain Relief & Easy To Use At Home, Office Or Traveling

The Home Neck Traction counteracts neck problems which can lead your joints to deteriorate. When the spine has lost its natural shape, rich lubricating fluid is unable to penetrate the joints, causing nutritional loss and premature aging.

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With the use of the home cervical traction unit, some chronic and degenerative neck problems may be reversible! Two patients with acute migraine headaches improved dramatically during a 20 minute treatment.

Abnormal Posture Effects On Discs and Spinal Bones

normal neck curve - nutrients flow in poor posture - nutrients do not flow properly joints become stiff and dry home cervical traction unit restores nutrient flow

The normal neck posture on the left shows nutrients able to flow in the joints. Next, as the neck loses its posture, nutrients cannot flow properly. The result is that joints become dry and stiff leading to degeneration. On the right normal position and nutrient flow is restored using the home cervical traction unit.

home neck tractionIn a clinical study with the home neck traction, patients had significant increases in neck mobility after a 20 minute treatment. MRI changes were often dramatic, with improvement in neck posture, widening of disc spaces and often shrinkage of disc bulges or disc protrusions usually thought of as permanent

Poor neck positions force the spine out of its natural shape, causing abnormal joint movement and loss of joint lubrication. Dry joints wear unevenly, age rapidly and cause neck stiffness and discomfort. The Home Neck Traction counteracts this common neck problem.

A common cause of neck, head and shoulder tension and pain, poor neck posture causes the head to lean forward away from the body. The Home Neck Traction is for those who suffer from being in uncomfortable positions for extended periods. This traction unit gets to the cause of neck pain and discomfort and is easy to use at home or for travel.

Cervical Spine Restoration

Improved Head Strap Design – No Chin Strap!
Better Comfort – Better Results

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Pump – Release – Repeat

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Benefits Of The Home Cervical Traction Unit

When the spine is properly shaped and restored using the home cervical traction unit, nutrient rich fluids are drawn into the joints by the sponge like action of the discs, promoting balance and increasing joint wearability.

The home cervical traction unit carefully lifts and separates the neck in a specific way that other products cannot and is recommended because it gets to the cause of neck discomfort. Ranges of motion, x-ray and MRI studies show that loss of the normal curved shape in the neck causes the joints to wear unevenly, dry out and become stiff.

The Discs Are De-Compressed To Reduce Nerve Pressure
The Cervical Spine Is Shaped For Curve Restoration
Lubricating Fluid Is Absorbed For Essential Disc Nutrition

Strengthen and lubricate your neck! Like working oil into a rusty hinge, use the home neck traction after long periods of holding your head, neck in uncomfortable positions. Many use it just before bedtime to relieve head and neck discomfort, stiffness, stress and to help fall asleep easier.

Using The Home Neck Traction

The home cervical traction unit is a serious spinal health product recommended by doctors to thousands of patients. It is not a massage device or mean to be an occasional use product! Keep it on your bed, nightstand or a place where you can use it often. Take it with you on trips as just minutes of use will reinforce your neck’s natural posture and lubricate the joints as you pump your posture back to health.

Just like performing any new exercise, an aggressive workout with the traction unit can temporarily make you sore. To reduce this, inflate at lower levels and keep your treatment under 10 minutes for the first 2 weeks. This will allow your neck to gradually adapt to a more aggressive therapy.

The unique restraint has a double pull system. The picture shows it with and without the chin strap, however, it can be adjusted for too much forehead pressure by sliding the chin strap snugly onto the chin and sliding the forehead strap more toward the hairline. Reverse this action for more forehead pressure and less chin pressure. If you have TMJ (jaw) weakness or cannot stand to have any pressure on your chin, simply relocate the entire strap into the forward open slots on the frame and unsnap the chin restraint from both sides leaving only the forehead section (shown above). This will eliminate jaw and chin pressure and I find this configuration most often used.

The home cervical traction unit achieves an angular joint separation by lifting the spine with a vectored pneumatic force where normal neck shape and disc nutrition are enhanced while the spinal cord and nerve roots are lifted into a safe, relaxed position. This is accomplished with air pressures of less than 8-lbs which makes the home neck traction more safe, comfortable and effective than other traction devices!

After clinical trials in my practice, I have been amazed at the incredible changes in restoration of the neck curve from the home cervical traction unit. My patients were amazed at how easy and fun it is to use. There is evidence from a clinical and radiological perspective on the effectiveness of the home neck traction for neck pain relief along with additional home neck traction studies and the latest home neck traction study and use by the military. View home neck traction instructions.

The home traction device is a useful tool to take pressure off irritated nerves and help to restore proper neck posture. When used consistently over a period of time it can be very helpful for problems related to forward head posture from working at a computer for extended lengths of time. It should be used as a part of a comprehensive program which includes neck exercises, joint health supplements and the right neck pillow. Any one by itself may be helpful, but the chances of lasting improvement are most noted when the right combination is found.


mri results

Before using the dual model traction, you can see bulges into the covering of the spinal cord which contains spinal fluid. These are at the areas of the arrows. After using the dual model home neck traction for just 5 minutes, MRI shows significant decrease in bulges and percent expansion of the discs, as well as spinal curve restoration.

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