Heated Shoulder Wrap

The heated shoulder wrap is designed for the application of shoulder heat therapy, but can be used for the application of cold packs as well. This is a heated shoulder wrap with 2 inserts that can be cooled or heated depending on your specific needs. Great for sports injuries and active individuals. <read more>

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The heated shoulder wrap is both latex fee as well as washable. It is available in small/medium for chest measurements 40 inches and under, and a large/X-large for chest measurements of 40 to 52 inches. If between sizes, you can get a good guide to sizing by using your standard T-Shirt size.

It incorporates a design that is modular which provides secure positioning in the precise location of shoulder pain. This allows specific ice and heat applications, providing a complete shoulder therapy solution in one wrap. While other wraps and pads are designed for heat only, the heated shoulder wrap makes applying ice as easy as heat and is great for athletes whose sports rehabilitation requires alternating ice and heat treatment.

This is an active wrap model for specific adjustments and permitting motion while therapy is applied. It can be used without additional help in wrapping the shoulder and allows a comfortable therapy with sizing options for a great fit. A great fit is a feature of the heated shoulder wrap and is perfect for treating bothersome rotator cuff injuries with capabilities to warm up before throwing, playing tennis or other shoulder demanding sport, as well as cooling down after sports for decreasing inflammation and a more rapid recovery. This makes it the shoulder wrap of choice for active individuals and sports enthusiasts, both professional and amateur alike.

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The heated shoulder wrap will surround your shoulder allowing penetration of either inflammation reducing ice or muscle relaxing heat. It has an anatomical design and is light-weight to conform to the shoulder area using 2 pockets which encase the effectively designed packs capable of being heated or cooled to your specific needs.

Using The Heated Shoulder Wrap

For ice application, just place the activewrap specially designed thermal insert packs lying flat in the freezer or cooler with ice together with the nylon pouch at least two hours prior to use. As you are ready for application, remove and allow them to sit for a few minutes. Place in the wrap and apply ice for about 15 minutes. For those who are sensitive to ice applications, you may use a paper towel or thin fabric material inbetween your skin and the therapy pouch.

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For heat application, simply place the activewrap packs in a container that is microwave safe containing enough water to cover the therapy pack. Start heating for 30 seconds, check the temperature and then continue heating at 10 second intervals if needed. You will learn the specific time for your microwave, but all microwave ovens are different. However, since the heated shoulder wrap works with your own body heat, the therapy pack does not need to be very hot and caution should be taken whenever using heat to prevent overheating. For an option using moist heat, just use a wet paper towel and insert it between the therapy pack and the heated shoulder wrap which is closest to your skin.

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Features Of The Heated Shoulder Wrap

The heated shoulder wrap comes with the wrap and 2 therapy packs for heat and ice therapy. It also comes with an easy to use carry case. The therapy packs are specifically designed not to migrate, bunch up or move from the site of application. There are 2 straps that are six inches long for specific securing of the therapy for the rotator cuff.

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Comfort as well as durability is achieved by using plush materials and smooth lycra linings for the shoulder sleeve and a vented blend of lycra for the underarm area that stretches comfortably. The plushprene strapping allows a comfortable and snug fit with a wide size range. A lycra trimming with flatlock stitches are employed throughout the heated shoulder wrap. Fits either shoulder, is washable and made without latex.

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