Headache Pillow With Cold Pack Insert For Neck Pain Relief Is Great For Travel

The Headache Pillow is easy to use, made of quality materials and delivers with time honored and medically recommended cold therapy treatment for neck pain, migraine and tension headaches.

headache pillow

Headache Pillow: $49.99
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Using The Headache Pillow

Using a specially designed u-shaped cold pack insert for ice therapy, the headache pillow wraps around your neck for support and comfort. Ice also helps pinched nerves, sprains, neck injuries or other traumas.

The size and shape makes this a nice travel pillow, especially during hot weather.

This is a versatile pillow for migraine headaches, tension headaches and neck pain or to use ice directly and safely to the neck for relief of pain from inflammation as well as a travel or reading pillow.

The headache pillow uses a unique, compact design to help relieve headaches naturally by providing support to your neck while sleeping, resting or traveling. The ergonomically designed soft gel pack can be cooled and inserted into the pillow for added relief. The gel pack stores in your freezer, refrigerator or cooler until needed.

Proven Headache Relief

The headache pillow is clinically proven to relieve headaches and was shown to help nearly 80% of users by the American Association For The Study Of Headaches.

The reusable cold pack that comes with the headache pillow can also be used on other body parts to help provide cold therapy for strains and sprains or other injuries.

Wipe any moisture off the cold pack before returning it to the freezer or refrigerator. Do not fold the cold pack for storage. Best kept at 12º F (-11º C). Stays soft and pliable.

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Headache Pillow: $49.99
Our Sales Process Is Secured By PayPal

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