The Body Pillow Provides Full Support With Total Comfort While Sleeping Or Relaxing

As a mattress supports underneath you, it provides a depth of support and comfort extended into the third dimension. In the side or back sleeping positions, it helps to keep your body aligned and stress free.

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body pillow

Full Body Pillow with White Pillowcase: $69.99

Measures 17″ and the length varies according to how you measure the fiber fill – between 50″ to 60″. It comes with a white case cover as shown above, or with an optional protective cover.

For side sleepers, it can be used between the knees helps relieve pressure on your hips, lower back and legs while the portion supporting your shoulders provides extra comfort and support. On your back, it can be used under the knees to take stress off of the lower back.

Filled using a down like, soft fiber which is antimicrobial and combats the growth of bacteria, mold and other microorganisms to promote lasting freshness with comfort of both mind and body.

There is a white standard cover or there is an optional cover that takes place of the material which contains the pillow. This is made of a special non-removable material that is fluid proof, non-allergenic, bacteria, stain and fire resistant too! It can be wiped down easily for cleaning. This material can also be used with the white case over it to surround it in comfort.

Combine this full body pillow with our neck pillow, which uses the same down like and anti-microbial fiber fill for total back and neck support, and you may have found the perfect nights sleep.

For Use In Pregnancy

Often used as a pregnancy body pillow to provide more comfort for pregnant women who must sleep on their side, it may be used to provide a more total alignment easing muscle tension and preventing stomach sleeping, thus reducing torque on the neck. I often notice when providing a full body pillow for pregnancy, many patients would report relief in neck and shoulder pain in addition to a decrease in back pain and an increase in sleeping comfort. The special protective case places the full body pillow inside, adding another measure of comfort as a safety feature.

Provides support and promotes proper spinal alignment to reduce head, neck and back strain. Aids with restless sleep and is flexible to allow for a variety of positions as well as durable, providing comfort that will last for many years.

Pregnancy can be a stressful time, not only for your body, but you worry about things like health more because are now two of you. The special protective cover can help ease you mind, knowing you have not only materials inside that increase the health factor, but you also have the option of a specially made cover that really protects in many ways.

FREE SHIPPING for Continental U.S.A. Only | Outside U.S.A. Orders - Read Shipping Policy
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Full Body Pillow with White Pillowcase: $69.99

Full Body Pillow with Protective Covering: $79.99

Full Body Pillow with Protective Cover & White Pillowcase: $89.99
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