Foam Neck Collar Provides Soft Support & Air Flow In 4 Sizes, 2 Colors & 2 Design Options

The foam neck collar is a neck support made from light density foam and is covered in 100% cotton. When properly positioned under the jaw, the foam collar helps support the weight of the head, relieving cervical spine pressure, and also helps keep the neck warm. These collars provide mild support, mainly acting as a reminder for protection.

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foam neck collar design options

Easy application. Provides total support for head and chin. Standard available in beige or black colors. A vinyl strap provides additional support - in beige only.

Heights of 2" (5cm) | 2 1/2" (6cm) | 3" (7cm) | 3 1/2" (9cm) - 24" (61cm) total length: Fits 15 1/2" (39cm) to 23 1/2" (60cm) neck

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Typically used for symptomatic relief of muscle, tendon, ligament or soft tissue injury of the neck region.

Contoured design and hook-and-loop closure provide support and act as a gentle reminder to limit motion. One-inch-thick (2.5cm) polyfoam covered with beige or black cotton stockinette.

The foam neck collar uses a comfortable contoured design for proper positioning under the jaw to help support the weight of the head to take pressure off the neck muscles. It also helps keep the neck warm.

Provides non-rigid support and limits mobility. Relieves pain from neck muscle spasms or whiplash injuries where there are neck muscle tears or ligament stretching. Washable, medium-firm density foam covered with stockinet. Hook & loop closure for quick, easy fit. Latex free.

Suitable for longer term use since it is not very restrictive, however, rehabilitation through neck exercises is necessary as not to rely on a collar for constant use, thereby allowing the neck muscles to become weak or deconditioned. While collars are not designed for sleeping, the standard version would be the one to use with the least amount of interference and the greatest comfort.

  • Supports head and neck
  • Reminds you to limit head and neck motion
  • Comfortable contoured design
soft foam collar
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This is a soft, foam collar providing a non-rigid neck support. It is made from light density foam and is covered with a 100% cotton stockinette. This collar, when properly positioned under the jaw, partially unloads the cervical spine by supporting a portion of the weight of the head. It also helps keep the neck warm and serves as a reminder to limit head and neck motion.

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